TUF S3E9 – Matt Hamill Gets His Chance

Matt Hamill fighter

Matt Hamill vs. Mike Nickels

Matt Hamill is good, and I see why Tito Ortiz thinks he could be great. He works hard and has many years of experience in wrestling. He is also overconfident in his abilities in the ring. He handled Mike Nickles on the ground, but he has no submission skills what so ever. He fights like a wrestler and has a long way to go if he is going to beat anyone with skills. That said I feel like he has the talent to be a champion. Mike Nickels was all hyped up. He was supposed to be the strong street fighter on team Shamrock. He was geting beaten bad standing up, and when he was on the ground he wasn’t very impressive. I was truly expecting more from him. As with all of Team Shamrocks fighters Nickels was winded after the first round. I was expecting more from this fight, I hope the level of competition heats up. This season seems to have less talent then the previous two seasons. On to the semi-finals.