TUF S4 E11 Travis Lutter vs. Pete Sell

Lutter vs. Sell

The first of the middleweight fight is upon us. Travis Lutter vs. Pete Sell promised to be the ultimate battle for the middleweight division. The winner of this fight is favored to with the middleweight division. My first thoughts was that Pete Sell was going to clean up. I was counting on Sell’s stand to overpower Travis Lutters ground game. This fight turned out to be very one sided. Travis Lutter dominated Sell on the ground. He took him down easily and once on the ground, Lutter was in full control. Pete Sell seemed very week on the ground. I would think all that training with Matt Serra would have paid off. Lutter didn’t impress me because he had side control and full mount several times and couldn’t finish off Sell. To tell you the truth Sell wasn’t even damaged after three rounds on his back. I cant wait to get to the finals.