Tyrone Mims Dies after MMA Fight


Tyrone Mims, amateur mixed martial artist, died Saturday night after his fight in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. It was reported that Mims was having problems after his loss to Blake Poore. Backstage he began to show signs that he was not feeling okay; he was brought from the Shrine Temple to the Medical University Hospital where he became unresponsive.

Mims was pronounced dead at 9:27 PM ET; the cause of his death is unknown. Reports of an autopsy of his body on Monday were reported by The Post and Courier.

Shortly after Tyrone Mims’ death, “Conflict MMA Promotions: Fight Night at the Point VI” with a total of 14 bouts was canceled. This was posted on the promotion’s Facebook page. The fight’s online stream was also stopped; this was supposed to be the second match up for the evening.

A statement released on the Georgia Boys Grits – n – Glory Facebook page was all about Mims’ unexpected death: “One of the fighters, who happened to be out own Tyrone ‘Teesta’ Mims, was fatally injured tonight, possibly as a result of the fight.” The statement went on: “The promoters and the South Carolina Fight Commission consulted with the fighters and all involved and decided as a result of the death of one of their own we should call off the rest of the fights. The promoters and the Athletic Commission did everything in their power according to protocol and this accident was beyond their control. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you’ll understand as we deal with the gravity of the situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with ‘Teesta’ and his immediate family, which include his five children. We will do anything in your power to assist his family in their time of need and ask all of our fans for their prayers and support.”

Mims is the second casualty of an MMA fight in South Carolina. In 2010, Michael Kirkham, another amateur fighter died of brain hemorrhage after a knockout defeat at the Dash Entertainment/King MMA “Confrontation at the Convocation Center” in Aiken, SC.

The South Carolina Athletic Commission regulated Saturday’s event. The commission requires competitors to submit to a complete physical, blood work for HIV and Hepatitis and an opthalmological examination. The fighters are also submitted to a mandatory physical examination by a ringside physician during the day of the event.

Deepest condolences to Tyrone Mims’ family and close friends.