UFC 100 “Lesnar vs. Mir 2″


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UFC 100: “Lesnar vs. Mir 2″


July 11, 2009


Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada


Pay-Per-View (10pm ET)


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Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves [T]
Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir [T]
Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping
Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago
Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alan Belcher


Stephan Bonnar vs. Mark Coleman
Jon Jones vs. Jake O’Brien
TJ Grant vs. Dong Hyun Kim
Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller
CB Dollaway vs. Tom Lawlor
Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty

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86 Comments on "UFC 100 “Lesnar vs. Mir 2″"

  1. dane drebin

    i know but seeing as he has allready been in the mainevent i dont think nerves will play into him losing. i think if he can keep it on the feet he will win but i dont know anyone who can stop gsps takedowns in the ww division.

  2. chris

    i think bisping will win i think he will be to quick for hendo. hendo will try and attack bisping and bisping will do what he did against leban which was circle and counter bisping by decision probs split!

  3. dane drebin

    lol hendo is no leben. he has a better chin, better striking and their wrestling isnt even comparable. hendos gunna knock bispings big head off of his pencil neck.

  4. dane drebin

    bispings faced two dominant wrestlers rashad and hamill. he should have lost to both. Henderson is an olympic wrestler with a chin thats never let him get knocked out especially by someone with bispings power. hendos getting older but he still have enough juice left to show how over rated bisping is.

  5. steve

    I cant stand that british bitch named Bisping but at the same time I can see him pulling of a decision win over Dan. It all depends on if Hendo can clear the distance and take him down. If he can execute take downs at will he will win by Dec. but if he decides to keep it standing I think Bisping has the advantage. Bisping in my eyes beat Rashad. I thought he landed more punches and did more damage. I personally dont think you should get pionts for laying on a guy. Doing damage and almost finishing people by sub or something should get you points. No way in heck the ufc should let somebody lay on there opponent for more than a minute. Literally. 1 minute is enough. If you cant improve your position or do damage then it should be stood up. The american in me wants Dan to win but the mma fan in me wants Bisping to KO him.

  6. dane drebin

    taking someone down and controlling them may not be the most exciting part of mma but it is a big part of it. i hate when they stand fighters up unless its truely boring. if ur too weak to defend the takedown or standup u should pay for it. strikers all ready have the advantage when the fight starts because the fight starts standing and having someone on top of you wearing you out while they are using minimal energy effects you a lot more than a failed submission attempt. I dont get why people think FAILED sumbissions should give you so much points. I mean the word FAILED is right in there. i think they should be given points but not as much as the person controling on top. the only time i would make the person on bottom get more points if they are always going for subs and throwing strikes from their back while the other guy on top is just pullin a guida. i mean if u have someone in the guillotine for 30 seconds and they get out of it the person trying to do the sub is the one who is worse for wear afterwards. I think failed armbars and leglocks should be given more points tho because afterwards u could really be hurt and it could definetly effect ur game.

  7. steve

    The ground game is a big part of mma. This isnt college wrestling. To win a fight you should have to do damage. Every UFC there is a guy that just wants to lay on the guy to get a decision win. The fans dont want to see that. THis is what im saying. You should tyry and finish a fight. Not just surivive.

  8. dane drebin

    right i understand what ur saying and i agree with you i just think that it should also be factored in that the person in dominant position isnt using as much energy as the guy on bottom trying to get up and wearing out your opponent is a big part of it. And i think guys who just score a takedown and lay there shouldnt be given much more then a point for taking someone down but the same can be said for people who on bottom just hold the guy on tops arms so he cant strike. seems like a lot of wrestlers get all the heat when they score a takedown and a bjj guy cant work any subs because of the wrestlers strong base so they just hold on and try to tie up the top person. i think the person on bottom is just as much at fault in a lot of cases.

  9. steve

    Ya but no matter whos fault im just saying stand them up. You know what I mean.Ya if a guy can only hold on then ur right it is both there faults but ppl like Jake O'Brien dont need to be on a televised event ever. He is sooo boring.

  10. Ryan S

    I see Hendo working a lot on takedowns because I don’t think he is going to try to prove something. He needs to win or he will be in Dana White’s crosshairs. I think he will do what he needs to win this fight and thats it.

  11. The Moose

    What do you guys think about Mir? Is that not the greatest comeback story of all? Unfortunately there isn't enough to go on to predict a winner for this bout, in my opinion. Brock is a novice, albeit a giant athletic one. Mir is a talented fighter with good strategy.

  12. dane drebin

    i agree steve but i dont think he's gunna be able to hold on to bones i think bones could make an exciting fight if he was fighting a broomstick.

    and moose ya mir was a great comeback but i dont think its as good as when randy beat sylvia.

  13. mark

    UFC 100 fight card (from their site):

    Lesnar – Mir

    St Pierre – Alves

    Fitch – Thiago

    Henderson – Bisping

    Akiyama – Belcher

    Coleman – Bonnar

    Danzig – Miller

    Jones – O'Brien

    Hyun Kim – Goulet

    Dollaway – Gugerty

    My predicted winners:


    St Pierre







    Dong Hyun Kim



    I've never heard of Gugerty and his opponent, so whatever happens to go down is fine with me either way. I think all the fights are going to be awesome, including the no-names. No-names typically try to go above and beyond to impress Dana, so I anticipate the whole fight card to be pretty explosive.

    *under my breath* but i really really hate Bisping. I hope a rabid russian black squirrel claws his toe nail and Bisping has to endure rabies shots.

  14. Al 2.0

    I think I'm kind of disappointed with this card. This is the card that was supposed to wow us and I don't it's doing that. I think HW and WW titles on the line and TUF coaches fighting is great…but I could have used some star studded fights to go along with it, plus I just don't understand some of the undercard fights. I understand some fighters are unavailable because of previous fights and injuries and all that jazz, but I wanted this card to blow me away…I mean i shouldn't be more excited for the fights before and after 100 then I should for 100 IMO

    I will be rooting heavily for Mir and Henderson though. I want to see Thiago win and make GSP seem human, because I haven't seen him human in a while. I hope they put that bonnar/coleman fight on tv too.

  15. The Moose

    My two cents…

    I would have put GSP/Alves as the main event. They've earned it more than the Lesnar and Mir. But that is just symantics. Otherwise I would exchange the Belcher/Akiyama fight for the Jon Jones/Jake O'brien fight. Jake o'brien is a waste, but Jon Jones is clearly the future of LHW. The other guys I would have liked to see fight here are Anthony Johnson or Dustin Hazelett.

  16. RatAttack

    Gsp and alves should be a great fight is gsp don't get knocked out. I like both fighter always look in shape and aways entertaining

  17. big D

    i was just wondering if the ufc was going to become as rigged as boxing is the fight between yoshihiro and belcher was definetly rigged and when the hell are we going to stop getting ripped off on pay per view and be able to see the whole figrt card im sick of getting ripped off with half a card

  18. Jay

    Yeah and Matt Hamill also should have won against bisping. fuck bisping he got what he deserved. he was always overrated

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