UFC 101: Who Are the All-Time Record Holders?


Sports Illustrated created a list of some of the most impressive records held in the UFC. Here is a look at some of the all-time records held by current and future UFC Hall-of-Famer’s …and Dan Lauzon.

Most UFC Fights
27, Tito Ortiz

Youngest fighter to compete in octagon
18, Dan Lauzon

Most career takedowns
66, Georges St-Pierre

Most UFC knockouts
10, Chuck Liddell

Most UFC submissions
11, Royce Gracie (blue)

Most post-fight bonus awards
10, Chris Lytle

Oldest UFC title holder
45 years, Randy Couture

Youngest UFC title holder
23 years, Jon Jones

Most successful title defenses
9, Anderson Silva

Most UFC championship fights
15, Randy Couture

Most knockouts in championship fights
6, Anderson Silva

Most submissions in championship fights
4, Frank Shamrock

Multiple-division UFC champions
Randy Couture (heavyweight and light heavyweight) and BJ Penn (welterweight and lightweight)

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