UFC 103 “Franlkin vs Belfort” Press Conference And Bonuses



UFC 103 “Franlkin vs Belfort” went off without a hitch to a sold out American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas. 17,428 fans crowed the arena to watch Vitor Belfort take on Rich Franklin in the main event. UFC President Dana White announced a the post fight press conference, the show pulled in a estimated live gate of $2.4 million.

Fight Night Bonuses

Fight of the Night: Rick Story and Brian Foster – $65,000
Submission of the Night: Rick Story – $65,000 ( 130k in total bonuses!)
KO of the Night: Vitor Belfort, Rick Story and Brian Foster – $65,000

White forgives Rampage,

“[Filming of ‘The A-Team’] was supposed to be done right around December,” White said. “Now [Jackson] is saying that they have makeup dates and stuff like that, so he couldn’t even fight in February …. We kind of made up … We’re going to figure it out. [Jackson] wants the Rashad fight. He’s in Vancouver doing this movie. It is what it is. Now we just have to figure out when. We’ll see what happens.” [MMAJunkie]

“He could have fought in that fight and went and did seven movies for all I care. He could have took four years off and did whatever he wanted to do. He was obligated to take that fight….We put him on the show [TUF 10]. Rashad went on the show, and Rashad is sitting on the sidelines. It affected a lot of different things.”

“They got [Jackson] thinking that they’re going to make this movie for nothing, and then the sequel he’ll make $20 million …. I’ll pay [Jackson] nothing to fight Rashad, and then give him $20 million for the rematch.”

With Belforts one sided defeat of Rich Franklin, White is ready to give him the title shot,

“I think Vitor is ready to fight Anderson Silva (now).”