UFC 109 Relentless



UFC 109: “Relentless”


February 6, 2010


Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada


Pay-Per-View (10pm ET)


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Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman
Nate Marquardt vs. Chael Sonnen
Mike Swick vs. Paulo Thiago
Demian Maia vs. Dan Miller
Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg


Justin Buchholz vs. Mac Danzig
Melvin Guillard vs. Ronnys Torres
Rob Emerson vs. Phillipe Nover
Phil Davis vs. Brian Stann
Tim Hague vs. Chris Tuchscherer
Rolles Gracie vs. Joey Beltran

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12 Comments on "UFC 109 Relentless"

  1. TKO84

    Anderson Silva has not even remotely been phased in his last few fights. He steam rolled The Sand Man, Destroyed Thiago, and made Forest look like a rookie. Vitor may have beaten Rich Franklin. But it was far from impressive. He has his hands full with Anderson.

  2. Jay

    Here we go again lets get on Vitor's bandwagon. First Forrest was gonna beat him beacause he was 6'4 and walked around 240lbs and he had great heart and all that other bullshit. Before that Frank mir's dumb ass said Thalais leitus was gonna beat him. and before that oy yeah Patrick coye has a huge right hand that can pit anybody to sleep according to joe roegan. Vitor couldnt couldnt beat a prime chuck lidell and vitor was much younger at the time

  3. hosan


    If you're talking about the Ryo chonan fight, then yeah that was a terrible fight for silva and I don't know what was going through his head. All in all silva looked like the victim of a bad game plan, and when he decided to switch it up, he got caught in one of the most notorious submission clips of all time.

    All in all silva's record of losses:

    1 Decision

    1 DQ

    2 Submission

    I don't see a knockout on silva's record yet, making it very unlikely that vitor is going to.

  4. Jay

    forget knockout. nobody has even rocked him yet or put him in any kind of trouble. when was the last time you seen silva in trouble on his feet??

  5. steve

    I dont know who ur talking to about picks but almost nobody was picking Leites or Cote. I didnt even bother ordering them. I watched them free after the fight. Both of those fights sucked ass and Forrest Griffin was scared of Anderson. He lost before he even fought. And James Irvin? Really? The give Anderson guys that are not top level. Anderson needs to fight Vitor. Vitor has the speed and power unlike the other opponents he has faced to give him serious problems. I thought forrest would be able to leg kick and avoid andersons power but Forrest was scared and it was pathetic. Vitor wont do that. People who question vitors mental game now dont know that he has changed and is in a different place now in his life. If Anderson beats Vitor then he secures his spot in history as one of the best ever for sure. Also that would give him a chance to fight at the weight he should be fighting at. 205.

  6. steve

    against Shogun, Rashad or maybe 1 day machida. Would love to see him and Rampage go at it. Or even GSP. Although GSP would get ko'd on the feet. Length would play a huge factor in the fight and I dont think GSP would like the result.

  7. steve

    Sorry Anderson does fight top guys just not all the time like you guys act like he does. The give him powder puffs sometimes. Thats what I was saying Henderson is good and Forrest is okay just lacking a chin and mental game. Anderson is a beast.

  8. 5-0 and Counting

    Cant believe this card is on PPV is anyone going to buy it??? Dana is using Coture's name to try and make this whole event. This line up is the weakest I've seen in a while and there have been some weak line ups from the UFC lately =. I Know fighters got hurt and pulled out but you can't fill it with weak fights and make money put it on spike or versus

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