UFC 112: Anderson Silva Claims Antics Were Due To Demian Maia’s “Disrespect”

UFC middleweight champion is claiming that he was disrespected by Demian Maia pre-fight comments, so he had to be punished. Silva has some soft skin if quiet soft spoken Demian Maia is getting to you. Whats he going to do if he faces a true trash talker like Rampage, Mir or Tito.

Its a different story in the other side of the cage, Demian Maia claims that Anderson even “apologized” after the fight,

“I went to fight and he [Anderson Silva] was running around but it’s okay that’s his game and I knew he was going to do that. He was very disrespectful to me but no problem, it’s his way. After the fight he apologized but I don’t think it’s right for him to do this during the fight. He was swearing to me in the middle of the fight, it happens, it’s okay, he’s the best in the world.”