UFC 145 “Jones vs. Evans” Debut Press Conference Recap and Video


UFC 145 “Jones vs. Evans” kick-off press conference featuring former teammate vs. former teammate – Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans.

Jon Jones addressing the whole coaching situation with Greg Jackson:

I don’t expect [Greg Jackson] to be in my corner. Greg has taught me this whole thing about being an artist and being a great artist and he said, ‘In order to be a great artist, you need a great coach and a great teacher. You need someone who’s always giving you new paintbrushes.’ That’s what he’ll do leading up to this fight. He’s gonna give me lots of new tactics, lots of new ways of thinking and approaching the sport and then I’m gonna have the canvas on April 21st to paint a new masterpiece.”

Rashad Evans starts off the trash talking, while Jones hit back with subtle jabs:

“I read body language a little bit and I studied psychology and if you see Jon and the way he was swiveling that chair, he couldn’t keep still. It was like he was Stevie Wonder for a minute. He couldn’t keep still. I don’t know. He can say what he wants to, but he already knows what time it was. He knows it won’t be an easy fight. He knows it’s gonna be the hardest fight of his career.

Dana White makes it clear that Atlanta is key for the UFC to break into the east coast.

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