UFC 145 Video: Rashad Evans Teams Up With Boxer Felix Trinidad

rashad evans tito trinidad

Boxing great Felix Trinidad joins forces with Rashad Evans to promote UFC 145 at the Training Zone in Puerto Rico. Trinidad has some great things to say about sport and the Puerto Rican MMA fans,

“The truth is MMA and UFC is something that’s taking over the world and we love it in Puerto Rico. We are what they call ‘hot blooded’ — we love fighting and love watching UFC events…. I’ve never thought about training an MMA fighter, but honestly, I’d love to help if it’s a Puerto Rican fighter. If he’s from Puerto Rico, I will help him with his boxing. It doesn’t matter who it is. If he’s from Puerto Rico, I will help him. I salute all the fans of MMA and UFC. The sport is getting bigger and bigger in Puerto Rico. This is going to be a hit. This will be a hit for real.”

Rashad Evans (+450) will look to upset the Vegas sportsbooks with a win over current UFC champ Jon Jones (-555) at UFC 145.

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  1. G.B Brick

    April 5, 2012 at 2:05 am

    Ok so rashad gets some boxing tips big deal he still has to overcome the difference in arm length. Boxing tips do you no good if the guy is punching your face from the other side of the octagon. Rashad is a done deal he has no chance of beating Jones.

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