UFC 148: Fighters That Proved Nobody Could Ever Do It

UFC 148: Fighters That Proved Nobody Could Ever Do It

UFC 148: Fighters That Proved Nobody Could Ever Do ItFans may have least expected Patrick Cote to appear as undercard versus Cung Le last July 7, Saturday at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. This was Cote’s first show in UFC after losing three fights that resulted to lower promotions. Nonetheless, Cote did win 4 fights outside the Octagon after his UFC 121 match with Tom Lawlor. On the other hand, Le placed a courageous stance in his promotional UFC 139 debut last November 2011, wherein he was fighting Wandelei Silva. Although he lost to Silva, he still proved to be the sanshou specialist.

Cote vs. Le

Prior to the match, there were doubts of how Le could win with his sanshou fights. Whatever were the fans are thinking, Le still remained upright during the whole fight and managed to offer more competitive sanshou moves against Cote’s punches. Le landed with his kicks, takedowns, and counterpunches against Cote until the final round. Even though this is the scene, many were still doubtful on how Le could beat the odds on Cote. He still managed and won making this match the first Octagon victory for Le.

Izquierdo vs. Oliveira

Another crowd favorite was the match between Yoislandy Izquierdo and Rafaello Oliveira. The match between the two was simply exciting. The fight was filled with body kicks and left punches. This game became Oliveira’s even the odds for him were +165. Both fighters have showcased their games in the field. Each of them threw takedowns. Izquierdo was very precise with his defense skills even though he is losing against the Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter who was also doing his skills very well. The fight was almost endless that they sacrificed every skill they had to counterpunch and throw each other to the losing end. Whichever it was, the branded jiu-jitsu fulfilled his legacy as UFC champion.