UFC 149 Details: Matt Riddle and Chris Clements Fight

UFC 149 Details: Matt Riddle and Chris Clements Fight

UFC 149 Details: Matt Riddle and Chris Clements FightLast Saturday, a welterweight division fight happened at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary between Chris Clements and Matt Riddle. Clements recently had a winning debut at UFC 145 who fought Riddle that currently lost to two of his three UFC bouts. Currently, both fighters are in their respective ranks in welterweight division.

Riddle vs. Clements: Round 1

The referee for the fight is Josh Rosenthal. Riddle hits first with his single leg and finishes his takedown with a trip. Nonetheless, both fighters stand up and maintain their position. Riddle then hits with a body kick but receives a combo punch from Clements. Both fighters attack with their knees while Clements hits with an upper cut. Rosenthal reacted after Clements received a body kick. Riddle temporarily gets on the back of Clements. With 20 seconds still on the fight, Riddle is belted by Clements by an uppercut. Matt Riddle favored via 10-9 score.

Riddle vs. Clements: Round 2

Riddle first hands Clements a takedown then sinking in hook. Clements tries to fend him but Riddle puts on the body lock. Clements only tries to prevent himself from choking. Side control is implemented by Riddle where Clements attack with several elbows. At the center of the Octagon, Clements is hit by a body kick and finishes the round. Matt Riddle still scores for 10-9.

Riddle vs. Clements: Round 3

Clements is now on the verge of submission. Riddle goes for the head kick with Clements blocksit. Riddle hits with a leg combine with a trip. He makes no waste and sustains his position. Riddle follows an attack with his right punch then executed his famous triangle throwing him to the ground. Riddle attacks with an arm triangle choke breaking the odds and winning the victory. Scores are for Riddle and wins over Clements via submission at 2:03 of the last round.