UFC 149 Fight: Renan Barao and His Humble Beginnings

UFC 149 Fight: Renan Barao and His Humble Beginnings

UFC 149 Fight: Renan Barao and His Humble BeginningsAs Renan Barao steps into the UFC 149 fight facing Urijah Faber, the UFC Bantamweight Champion is declared. However, the fight over winning the Bantamweight belt offers a deeper victory for Barao. Similar to his Brazilian MMA fighters, he went through several hardships more complicated than his gym training in order to land to where he is now. During his Nova Uniao training, Barao only slept through a board. Barao shortened the day through getting up early and sleeping late in the evening. Although this was a hard time for Barao, he used much of his energy for training and working to the top.

Barao’s Humble Beginning

Barao came from a very simple family. Their finances were only enough to support his grandmother, his mother, and his aunt. In fighting with a record of 28-1-1, Barao is still not recognized. With this record, Barao is still working very hard. He admits that the American audience still doesn’t know him but he is confident that he’ll work everything once inside the match. Barao acknowledges how strong Faber is seeing what he can do during the Jose Aldo fight. Barao appreciates his Brazilian teammates more now that Aldo was able to help in constructing his fighting strategy with Faber.

Barao’s Aspirations

There will be no comparisons made with Barao. His Brazilian teammates all have worked to earn their victory inside the Octagon. All hardships in taking down every opponent did not come instantly for them. Even Faber knows how tought Barao is. The former WEC featherweight champion claims that Barao seem to be tougher and stronger compared to Dominick Cruz. On the other hand, Barao recognizes the fight with Faber to be an honor. Having this opportunity is not like any fight he had. Being the main event, it is sure that Barao will make some noise in UFC 149.