UFC 149: Ryan Jimmo Wins on His Opponent Via Knockout Within 7 Seconds

UFC 149: Ryan Jimmo Wins on His Opponent Via Knockout Within 7 Seconds

UFC 149: Ryan Jimmo Wins on His Opponent Via Knockout Within 7 SecondsFor many years, Ryan Jimmo waited for his time inside the Octagon to fight and refurbish his MMA title. During his bout against Anthony Perosh, everyone including his opponent was shocked at what this 30-year-old Canadian can do inside the cage. Jimmo quickly knocked out his opponent in UFC 149 for only 7 seconds.

Jimmo and Perosh Fight in Detail

Later after they both tested each other’s skill inside the cage, Jimmo first attacked with a right punch that sent Perosh to the ground. Another punch was all it took to finish the whole bout against Perosh. After this hit, UFC announced a knock out at 7 seconds, which is close to Duane Ludwig’s performance as the fastest knock out in the history of Octagon. Nonetheless, just late 2011, UFC announced Ludwig’s knockout to be recorded at only 6 seconds against his opponent Jonathan Goulet following the re-timed duration of the fight. Before Ludwig did this incredible performance against Goulet, Todd Duffee had the fastest knockout during his 7-second bout against Tim Hague in 2009. Any of these performances are incredible in the history of Octagon. Nonetheless, Jimmo really placed himself in the MMA history and increased his career to 17 wins. On the other hand, Perosh had his 3-fight winning streak stopped because of this defeat at 13-7.

Jimmo’s MMA Career

His career as a professional MMA fighter started last 2007 in the light heavyweight division. Most of his career was spent after re-joining the Maximum Fighting Championship and starting his fight with Mychal Clark. Winning against Clark via decision attracted more and more fights for Jimmo. In the beginning of 2012, Jimmo was already expected to make a debut against Karlos Vemola on UFC but Jimmo was forced out because of injury. Currently, he tied the record for the fastest knockout in UFC after winning against Perosh in 7-second knockout.