UFC 158: Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

Kevin and George from Uncut Sports “weigh in” on the main event for the upcoming UFC 158 event.

This might be one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history, and it’s finally going to happen, well maybe I shouldn’t say that. If GSP can mimic what Condit did against Diaz, then he’ll win. Diaz punches in bunches, and sometimes that’s difficult to do against a man as athletic and quick as GSP.

Carlos Condit created a blueprint to beat Diaz, and Benson Henderson used that blueprint to beat Nick’s younger brother Nate. The Diaz brothers have incredible hands, but they don’t knock you out with one shot. They methodically chip away at your ass, until you fall down. If you can get in and out, you can avoid this. However, I think the Diaz camp will take a long look at what Condit did, and realize that GSP could easily follow that formula to victory. Don’t be surprise if Diaz lets it go to the ground and works for a submission.