UFC 166 Results: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos III Results and Post Fight Press Conference

UFC 166 took place on Sat, October 19, 2013, from Houston, TX. The main event featured the third battle in the trilogy of superstar heavyweights Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos.

They were each 1-1 going into this fight. Dos Santos stopped Velasquez by KO to win the heavyweight belt in the first fight on UFC on Fox 1 in Nov of 2011.

Velasquez won a dominant unanimous decision, brutalizing Dos Santos for 5 rounds at UFC 155 in Dec of 2012, and recapturing the heavyweight belt.

UFC 166 Weigh Ins

Many were calling this fight the greatest heavyweight rivalry in UFC history. It was time to see who would make history and leave as the heavyweight champion.

UFC 166: Velasquez vs Dos Santos Highlights

Round 1: Both fighters come out, and Dos Santos quickly lands a solid combo that wobbles Cain. Cain drops down and grabs Junior’s legs looking for a takedown. He is unable to get it and they go back to the center. Both fighters are swinging for the fences, and Cain grabs Junior’s body and forces him against the cage. Cain forces the action, while Junior is content circling away while throwing punches.

Cain is relentless with his takedown attempts, constantly grabbing Junior’s body and keeping him against the cage. Cain finally gets Junior down on his back and starts working to gain good position. Junior is defending well, not allowing Cain to land anything significant. Junior spins and Cain takes his back. Junior is able to pop back up and Cain jumps right back on him, pinning Junior up against the cage. Cain keeps Junior there while throwing knees to the legs and punches. The round ends with Junior against the cage.

Round 2: Both fighters come out and Cain pushes the action, forcing Junior back into the cage. Once he gets him there he continues where he left off in the first round, pressing Junior’s back against the cage, throwing shots to his face, and knee strikes to the legs. Junior looks a lot more tired in this round and finally gets some space to work. He is unable to land anything and Cain immediately closes the distance once again.

He pushes Dos Santos back into the cage yet again, where Junior is forced to grab Cain’s arms to prevent further strikes. Cain continues to assault Junior’s legs with constant knee strikes that land in his thigh area. Junior has not been able to mount any type of significant offense at this point, being totally smothered by Velasquez. Round 2 ends with Cain once again pressing Junior back into the cage and working him.

Round 3: Cain drops down immediately going for one of Junior’s legs. He uses that to push Junior back into the cage again. Dos Santos looks more weary this round, and is only holding onto Cain to prevent taking more punches. For the first 2 minutes of the round Cain continues the same strategy, keeping Junior against the cage and battering him with knees and punches. Junior finally is able to break away and moves to the center of the ring.

He attempts an elbow and a few punches but none does any real damage. Cain lands a hard overhand right that drops Junior to the canvas. Cain swarms him and drops several bombs to Junior’s face. Junior is able to hold on Cain’s legs and survive. Junior gets back up and Cain pushes him back into the cage. Junior’s face is busted up even worse as Cain continues to brutalize Dos Santos. Junior is just trying to survive and makes it to the end of the round.

Round 4: Cain forces Junior back into cage to start the round, then lands a strong left to his face. Dos Santos is just covering up at this point and trying to protect himself. Cain continues landing solid shots while keeping Junior up against the cage. Referee Herb Dean is closely watching Dos Santos, looking like he wants to come in any minute and stop it. Junior’s face is all busted up and cut open, but he continues to fight.

Cain is just having his way with Dos Santos, landing punch after punch, elbows, and knees. Dos Santos face is cut so bad the ref has the doctor come in and look at him. After a quick eval, they let the fight continue. Cain wastes no time and continues where he left off, pushing Junior back into the cage again. Dos Santos keeps wiping his face with his glove because it is bleeding so badly. Round 5 ends with Cain forcing Junior into the cage.

Round 5: Dos Santos looks completely spent and his face is busted up terribly. The doctor looks at him prior to the round, and determines that he is ok to continue. They come out and Cain catches Junior with a solid left. Junior returns fire with a right of his own that catches Velasquez slightly, but does no real damage. Cain drops down to grab one of Junior’s legs, looking for a takedown. He gets the takedown, but Junior scrambles and Cain ends up on Dos Santos back. Cain is landing punches while forcing Junior back into the cage. Junior is able to stand and Cain stays on him, constantly landing punches to Junior’s face. Junior’s eyes are bleeding profusely and he looks extremely exhausted.

Cain continues to work, looking for takedowns and throwing nonstop hooks and uppercuts at Dos Santos. Velasquez keeps Junior up against the cage for the first 3 minutes of the round. Junior is trying to throw strikes back but he keeps missing the mark. Dos Santos gets a hold of Cain’s neck and tries to drag him down to the mat in a choke, but upon dropping down Junior’s head solidly hits the canvas, rendering him defenseless. He immediately covers his head while Cain swarms him, landing 1 punch before referee Herb Dean comes in and saves him. Cain Velasquez defeats Junior Dos Santos by TKO in Round 5 and remains the UFC heavyweight champion.

UFC 166 Post Fight Press Conference

Other fight results:

Daniel Cormier defeated Roy Nelson by unanimous decision in the co-main event of the evening.

Gilbert Melendez defeated Diego Sanchez by unanimous decision, in a fight that many are calling the fight of the year.

Gabriel Gonzaga continues his climb back to the top by defeating up and comer Shawn Jordan by KO in Round 1.

John Dodson continues to impress, defeating Darrell Montague by KO in Round 1.

UFC 166 Highlights