UFC 60 Recap Part 1

UFC 60 – Staples Center, Los Angles CA, May 27, 2006

What a night of fights this was.

mick swick ufc 60

Mike Swick vs. Joe Riggs
Swick is a furious and fast fighter. He uses his quickness and flexibility to stun his opponents. In the first round Swick was defending Riggs take down, when out of the blue he gets Riggs in a guillotine choke and Riggs taps out. I have seen many of Joe Riggs’s fights and he is no push over. Swick seems like he is to small for his opponents, but each fight he impresses me more.

vera vs silva ufc 60

Brandon Vera vs. Assuerio Silva
Vera came out strong with a series of kicks. Silva complained about having his eye poked and the fight was stopped. It was accidental and Silva complained like a baby to the ref. When the fight started again Silva came out strong trying to avenge the eye poke. Silva takes Vera to the ground. Vera keeps his composure and gets Silva in a very tight guillotine choke. Silva has no choice but to tap out. Vera is still undefeated as a professional.

Diego Sanchez vs. John Alessio
Both fighters came out slow. Sanchez advanced with a series of shoots, but was unsuccessful. Alessio caught Sanchez with jabs as Sanchez tried for the take downs. Alessio sceemed like he was only their to defend himself. He was unimpressive with his famous boxing skills. If he is supposed to be a good boxer, where was his combinations. Sanchez keeped advancing the whole fight. In the third round Sanchez mounted Alessio from the behind. Almost the whole third round Alessio stand there with Sanchez on his back, just trying to defend against the rear naked choke. The crowed booed when Sanchez won by unanimous decision. I don’t know that they were watching. If standing there protecting yourself is winning, maybe the decision would go to Alessio. The judges were fair. I had it 1=Alessio(because he cut Diego), 2= Sanchez, 3= Sanchez