UFC 60 Recap Part 2

Hughes vs Gracie

Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie

I was waiting for this fight for a long time. I personally think Hughes is on of the best fighters I have ever seen fight. He is powerful, energetic, and loves to slam his opponents. I also watched the Hughes vs. Penn fight, which exposed that Hughes cold be defeated. I had mixed thoughts about the Hughes vs. Gracie match up. Gracie has proven he could submit a stronger more dominant fighter. Gracie came in to the ring looking a little old and frail, maybe it was because they didn’t let him where his gi. I think he needs to get on the Randy Couture training and diet program. Gracie proved he is still is a Jujitsu freak when Hughes twisted his arm to the breaking point. Gracie didn’t even flinch, he put it out there like bait for Hughes to work on. In the end the raw power and overall technique of Hughes paid off. Hughes handled Gracie like a rag doll, flipped him over and spanked him.

fisher ufc 60

Spencer â“‚¬ËœThe Kingâ“‚¬“„¢ Fisher vs. Matt Wiman

In the beginning of the fight Winman pounded on Fisher and almost landed a guillotine choke. I said to myself, ” I thought fisher was the next biggest thing”. He seemed to be the underdog in the beginning of the fight. Winman was caught with an elbow from Fisher and it opened his eye up. After that, it seemed like Fisher woke up. Fisher started to catch Winwan and land some combinations. Fisher trough a barrage of punches and ended a dazed Winman with an amazing flying left knee. It landed so cleanly that fisher didn’t even look back and just walked to his corner.