UFC 61 Recap – Still Bitter Rivals

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This UFC was supposed to end some bitter rivalries. Well It didn’t. Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock was the end all in this bitter rivalry. Tito Ortiz came out took Shamrock to the ground and pounded him. Herb Dean was forced to stop the fight. He should of let it go a little longer. Shamrock wasn’t even hurt and jumped up right away in protest. Well the UFC is now set up for Ortiz vs. Shamrock 4. One thing I hate about boxing is the fact that they do rematch after rematch. You know it is set up because one fighter will suck in one fight and then dominate in the next. I hope the UFC doesn’t go to this. I want to see new fights with the top fighters. Maybe a rematch every once in a while.

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Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski
Arlovski is one of the most aggressive fighters in the UFC. I never thought that he could be beat. Their is something about Tim Sylvia that drains Arlovski and his ability to fight. Arlovski didn’t even come to fight he just standed their and defended him self. I expect Arlovski to come out strong and dominate his opponent early in the first round. Arlovski didn’t even take Sylvia down. You have to give Sylvia credit for beating him twice. Can you say Sylvia vs. Arlovski 4.

I can’t wait to see Chuck Lydell fight again. I am also looking forward to see Matt Hughes vs. St Pierre.