UFC 63 Recap

Well after another showing of the UFC we find ourselves discussing the outcomes. I didn’t fair to well in my predictions. I was completely wrong on all fights, that is why I am not a betting man.

BJ Penn to win Matt Hughes by submission, 2nd round.
This was the only one that I was even close on. BJ Penn is a contortionist freak and dominated Matt Hughes the first two rounds. The third round BJ gassed from all the ground work in the second round. Not surprising, BJ Penn is known for his relaxed training. If he had the work ethic that Matt Hughes has, BJ Penn would be the best fighter in the UFC. Well he doesn’t and their it is. Matt Hughes is pure hard work and training. That what makes him such a threat. He is always going to be in shape, he is always going to train hard, and he is always going to give it his all.

David Loiseau to win Mike Swick by KO, 1st round.
I was expecting David Loiseau to put up more of a fight. Mike Swick didn’t impress me like he usually does. He was totally reserved in the fight and did just enough to win the first two rounds. David Loiseau was totally reserved all three rounds and only pulled out the third in the last minute.

Jason Lambert to win Rashad Evens by decision
Finally, Rashad Evens put on a stellar performance and showed that he actually has some offence. Good win for Rashad Evens.

Cage Todays Poll has it Matt Huges over BJ Penn!
You were right


  1. pipeline

    September 7, 2008 at 7:22 am

    i think rashad is one of the best he deserves a title shot he has beatin every challenger and in my opinion he beat tito.What else does he have to prove he knocked chuck the fuck out and Im sure he will punish forest too I dont understand these critics. He was the underdog then and all he has done yall still wont give him his props I thought it was funny when he koed chuck cause I saw it coming well hang it up cause rashad is the future of mma

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