UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz 2 Preview

Chris Leben (16-2) vs. Jason Macdonald (17-7)

This is a well matched fight. I think Leben always has a punchers chance of KOing MacDonald. But MacDonald has a good chance of using the clinch on Leben. If the fight goes to the ground MacDonald has the advantage.

I have it, Jason MacDonald by Decision over Chris Leben

Michael Bisping (11-0) vs. Eric Schafer (7-1-2)

Finally we will see Bisping take on a strong opponent in Schafer. If the fight stays up Bisping has the clear advantage. If the fight goes to the ground Eric Schafer has the advantage with his BJJ background.

I have it Michael Bisping by KO in the first round over Eric Schafer

Forrest Griffin (13-3) vs. Keith Jardine (11-2-1)

This fight guarantees to be a battle. Both fighter can throwdown. I think Griffin is going to me more active. Griffin also has a great chin and I don’t see Keith Jardine finishing Griffin. This should be the best battle of the night.

I have it Forrest Griffin wins by decision over Keith Jardine

Andrei Arlovski (9-3) vs. Marcio Cruz (2-1)

Finally Andrei Arlovski is back in the UFC ring. His opponent Marcio Cruz should be a good stepping stone back into Heavyweight contention. I have Arlovski taking this fight easily.

I have it Andrei Arlovski by KO Round 1 over Marcio Cruz.

Chuck Liddell (19-3) vs. Tito Ortiz (15-4)

Chuck Liddell is the heavy favorite in this fight. Liddell will probably win quickly and decisively over Tito Ortiz. That said I am putting my money on a Tito Ortiz to upset Chuck Liddell. I think this is one of those fights that makes history.

I have it Tito Ortiz KO Round 2 over Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz walks away the new light heavyweight champion.