UFC 67: Weak Card Without GSP

ufc 67

UFC 67: All or Nothing Steppingstone

What do we have in store for the next UFC event? We will be watching some of the best future stars in the UFC showcase their talents against some opponents that really donâ“‚¬“„¢t stand a chance at victory. Sure, you can say they have a punchers chance, but itâ“‚¬“„¢s about at good of a change as Rex Grossman has at winning a Super Bowl MVP award. All I have to say is that the UFC better find another headliner to replace Georges St. Pierre vs Matt Serra. UFC 68 is shaping up to be a good one, but I donâ“‚¬“„¢t see much excitement in the match-ups for this next pay-per-view.

Anderson Silva Vs. Travis Lutter

Out of all the Ultimate Fighter 4 middleweights, I thought Lutter deserved to win the title. He is a tough guy that not a lot of people gave credit to because he did not get a lot of camera time. I admit he has some pretty good skill, but I donâ“‚¬“„¢t see him winning a world-class fighter like Silva based on the training he receives at his gym in Dallas. Silvia has won fights all over the world and has dominated his competition in the UFC. I do hope some good middleweights will emerge to give Silvia some competition (or better yet, punch him right out of his leopard fur coat), but I donâ“‚¬“„¢t see it happening soon.

Mirco Cro Cop Vs. Eddie Sanchez

At first glance I thought Sanchez might look good by his 7-0 MMA record. Here’s the problem, he just started training MMA in 2004. With a grand total of just over two years of experience, maybe he did something before that. Nope, unless you want to count his baseball or personal training background. He does have a UFC knockout win as a replacement fighter against Mario Neto, but that doesnâ“‚¬“„¢t say enough. I think Cro Cop will have a dominant debut against Sanchez in this bout.

Quinton â“‚¬Å“Rampageâ“‚¬Â Jackson Vs. Marvin Eastman

This one is a handpicked fight that offers an opponent for Jackson that looks tough, but has a history of getting knocked out. The 37-year old Eastman is coming off a UFC streak of two knockout losses to Travis Lutter and Vitor Belfort. What Iâ“‚¬“„¢m predicting is that Jackson will have more highlights than a hood rat in a rap video.