UFC 71 : Liddell vs. Jackson Preview

UFC 71 Liddell vs. Jackson

UFC 71 Liddell vs. Jackson

Saturday, May 26, 2007
MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

Preliminary Fight Card

Thiago Silva (11-3) vs. James Irvin (11-3)

Jeremy Stephens (11-1) vs. Din Thomas (22-7)

Carmelo Marrero (5-1) vs. Wilson Gouveia (8-4)

Sean Salmon (9-2) vs. Alan Belcher

Main Fight Card

Terry Martin (15-2) vs. Ivan Salaverry (11-3-1)

Terry Martin is coming off an impressive win over Jorge Rivera at UFC 67. His only losses were to Jason Lambert and James Irvin. Ivan Salaverry will be returning to the UFC for the first time since his loss to Nathan Marquardt at the original Ultimate Fight Night Live in 2005. Martin has knocked out his last four opponents and I think Salaverry is going to be his next victim.

Martin by TKO/KO over Salaverry in the third round.

Josh Burkman (19-3) vs. Karo Parisyan (24-3)

I am surprised with all the hype over Josh Brukman. I wouldn’t even say he is even at the level of where Parisyan. Parisyan has mixed it up with the best of the best in the world. Most of his losses are to top fighters and most of the fights were very close. I have this fight going to Parisyan
Parisyan by Submition over Burkman in the first round.

Houston Alexander (6-1) vs. Keith Jardine (12-3-1)

I am going with Keith Jardine on this one. Alexander is 35 years old and has not really fought anyone. Jardine on the other hand is coming off a huge win over Forest Griffin. Jardine needs to keep the momentum going if he expects to get a title shot and I think he is going to roll trough Alexander.

Jardine by TKO/KO over Alexander in the first round.

Kalib Starnes (9-1-1) vs. Chris Leben (15-3)

Starnes a BJJ black belt, who’s only loss is to the extremely tough Yushin Okami. Starnes also defeated Jason McDonald who choked out Leben at UFC 66. While I think these fighters are on the same level, Starnes never impressed me on TUF. Leben is going to have control of the fight, If he plays his game right and doesn’t get carried away, he will win.

Leben by TKO/KO over Starnes in the second round.

Chuck Liddell (20-3) vs. Quinton â“‚¬Å“Rampageâ“‚¬Â Jackson (26-6)

Setup to be possibly the biggest fight of the year, Chuck Liddell try to avenge his lost to Quinton Jackson. Some say that Zuffa LLC. bout the WFA just to acquire Jacksons contract. Rampage is super strong brawler, who likes to slam and KO his opponents. Liddell is also a brawler who likes to use his KO power and exceptional takedown defense to pick apart his opponents. I have to give this flight to Liddell. He is the superior fighter, with a who’s who of title defences. Jackson is a great fighter, but a lot of this fight has been hyped up. Rampage has his short comings. Recent losses came from Mauricio Rua and Wanderlei Silva twice. Chuck has been on a seven fight roll after the Jackson loss. I say he became a different fighter after the first win against Tito Ortiz. Now matter how you call it this is going to be a good fight. Both fighter are showmen who like to end fights early.

Liddell defeats Jackson via strikes in the first round.