UFC 74: Travis Lutter Injured, Off The Card

travis lutter

travis lutter

Since winning The Ultimate Fighter 4, Travis Lutter has had nothing but bad luck in the UFC. That isn’t going to change anytime soon as he pulled out of his UFC 74 match against Ryan Jensen due to a serious neck injury. Here is what he has to say on his Myspace blog.

“Saturday July 28th I was training and reagrivated a old injury. After giving my neck a chance to heal I decided I was not going to be healed in time for the fight. I would like to thank all the people that were helping me prepare for this fight and I look forward to fighting in the near future.”

Travis Lutter

Its too bad, I was looking foward to seeing him in action again. This is his latest missed opportunity since failing to make weight in his title match for the UFC Middleweight Championship. In that fight he put up a good show against Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva even in a weakened state before being submitted by triangle choke in the second round.