UFC 76 Fight Videos and Recap

Chuck Liddell vs. Keith Jardine

Jardine had good strategy going in to this fight. He kept Liddell occupied with leg kicks while sneaking in over hand rights. Chuck looked like he had no other tools but his over hand right. Jardine also turned and ran when Chuck tried to start something, a good strategy against Liddell.
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Thiago Tavares vs Tyson Griffin

Easily the fight of the night. Both Griffin and Tavares scraped for three rounds, showing every skill you can imagine. Griffin should be given a title shot after BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson fight it out for the UFC Lightweight title.
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Forrest Griffin vs. Marcio Shogun Rua

Bad showing for Rua, he started to gas in the second round and was completely gone in the third. Fatigue was the only reason Rua was submitted at the end of the fight. Forrest Griffin looked good, his training with Randy Couture has really paid off. He showed skills standing, skills on the ground and went all three rounds without getting gassed. Good showing Forrest Griffin
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Diego Sanchez vs. Jon Fitch

What can I say, Sanchez was over powered by the stronger Fitch. Diego Sanchez went for submission after submission, but Fitch was to talented. I want to see Fitch vs. Koscheck fight.
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