UFC 78 Weigh-In Results

Quick UFC 78 Weigh-In Results

UFC 78 Main Card

Rashad Evans (206 lbs.) vs. Michael Bisping (205 lbs.)
Houston Alexander (203 lbs.) vs. Thiago Silva (204 lbs.)
Karo Parisyan (170 lbs.) vs. Ryo Chonan (169 lbs.)
Ed Herman (186 lbs.) vs. Joe Doerksen (185.5 lbs.)
Frank Edgar (154 lbs.) vs. Spencer Fisher (154.5 lbs.)

UFC 78 Undercard

Joe Lauzon (155 lbs.) vs. Jason Reinhardt (155 lbs.)
Chris Lytle (170.5 lbs.) vs. Thiago Alves (171 lbs.)
Marcus Aurelio (156 lbs.) vs. Luke Caudillo (155.5 lbs.)
Tamdan McCrory (170 lbs.) vs. Akihiro Gono (169 lbs.)

UFC 78: Validation will take place November 17 at the Prudential Arena in Newark, New Jersey. Remember CageToday.com for the Latest UFC 78 Results Live.


  1. Keivon

    November 16, 2007 at 10:47 pm

    I hate in the weighins and press conferences how Dana has to stand behind the fighters and get all the camera time and do his stupid facial expressions. Why cant he sit his ass down and let the fighters have the spotlight and respect they deserve.

    I never thought I would be on the side of Bisping again but Rashad was a dick in the prefight events. Maybe Bisping deserved to get shoved at the weighins but Rashad came off as a dick and I'll bet some of the fans will turn on him in NJ.

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