UFC 79: Hughes And GSP Wanted The Rematch

As the news of Matt Serra’s injury went public, Matt Hughes and George St.Pierre started to lobby the UFC for the inevitable rematch at UFC 79.

GSP reaction to fight:

“St. Pierre and his management team called UFC after getting news of Serra’s injury, and asked for the match… with seven months between fights, St. Pierre was getting antsy for competition. He had even talked of competing in amateur wrestling at the Canadian national level. St. Pierre, with no competitive wrestling background, outwrestled Koscheck in his win…. While St. Pierre asked for the fight, even though he’d only have four weeks of intensive training, about half of a normal top-level fighters camp, it was still up to Hughes to agree.”

Matt Hughes on upcoming fight with GSP:

“As most of you know, Serra has dropped out of the fight due to a back injury. I found out and was told that I get to basically pick my opponent. The UFC had called some welterweights, some said they wouldn’t take the fight; but ultimately I got to choose and I chose Georges St. Pierre. I asked to fight GSP. I think there are a few things that will be in my favor in doing this. I get to fight in Vegas, what I consider my home fighting area, NOT Canada. I don’t think it’s a big deal to switch an opponent over a month out, it’s just not a concern for me. Before I was fighting a guy holding the belt, now I’m fighting a guy that I consider number two in the world. Anyone who thinks this fight will be like the second fight with GSP will be shown wrong on December 29th. THIS IS MY FIGHT!”

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