UFC 82: Akihiro Gono Drops Out Of Fight With Fitch

akihiro gono

akihiro gono

This is still a rumor, but it looks like Akihiro Gono will not fight Jon Fitch at UFC 82, due to a long standing hand injury

A Post on Akihiro Gono’s personal blog:

I have a pain in my righthand from November(UFC debut fight)

So I could not train enough

I wondered it,Doctor checked my hand again,and This condition was so bad,

Doctor ordered me to stop fight and all training.

And operation is done. maybe in Junuary

I am verry sorry,my fans and John Fitch……..

I will annnounce operation schedule and come back time

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6 Comments on "UFC 82: Akihiro Gono Drops Out Of Fight With Fitch"

  1. Good I'm glad this happened…now maybe they will give Fitch a real fighter instead of this chump…I say Fitch/ Diego 2…i'd pay money for that no doubt about it

  2. Patrick89

    I think Akihiro is a good fighter although his record goes back and forth with possibly the most draws I've seen on a fighters record. He has great ground skills and some good kicks as demonstrated by his fight with Ivan Salaverry, but I do think that Fitch would beat him. All in all I think that it would shape up to be a good fight with Fitch coming out with the win.

  3. Patrick89

    I believe he's got a shot at the winner of St. Pierre vs. Serra, so pretty much he's going to fight St. Pierre for the title witch is going to be a great fight to watch. I'll bet on St. Pierre over anybody in the division, but this is possibly going to be his biggest test if the fight ends up happening. I wouldn't be able to stay in my seat and watch it.

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