UFC 83: Serra vs St. Pierre 2

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April 19, 2008


Bell Centre, Montreal Canada



Main Card

Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre
Rich Franklin vs. Travis Lutter
Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes
Michael Bisping vs. Charles McCarthy
Mac Danzig vs. Mark Bocek

Under Card

Jason MacDonald vs. Joe Doerksen
Sam Stout vs. Rich Clementi
Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Jonathan Goulet
Alan Belcher vs. Jason Day
Cain Velasquez vs. Brad Morris
Ed Herman vs. Demian Maia

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UFC 83 Videos

Countdown To UFC 73
UFC 83 Pre-Fight Interview With Greg Jackson
In Depth Interview With UFC President Dana White
ESPN Getting To Know Georges St. Pierre
Pre UFC 83 interview with Mac Danzig
Raw Las Vegas Celebrity Picks
In The Gym With GSP and Serra
Interview Travis Lutter: Not Making The Same Mistakes

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66 Comments on "UFC 83: Serra vs St. Pierre 2"


    Wow Jon what insight, did you have a chance to use the internet at recess. I read again what I wrote and I don't see what isnt very far from the truth unless of course your a huge Tim Slyvia or Matt Serra fan which makes sense due to the fact that you seem to think on a 5th grade level. If anyone honestly thinks that Serra is going to win this fight let alone let it go the distance I just don't think its going to happen. i didn't think Serra was going to beat Hughes, who got DESTROYED by GSP. Or you must be a Micheal Bisping fan, the only thing entertaining about this guy is his accent, Immensely (sorry if that word is too big), Here we go, BY FAR the most overrated fighter in the UFC. Sorry if I hurt your feelings and please don't send your dad to beat my dad up.


    Also Jon, I don't know everything about the UFC but like many of the other posters on this site I am not a posser MMA fan because I sit at home and watch the ultimate fighter every week, I have actually been to see several UFC events and I also train with some of my friends that are fighting in some of the amateur organizations here in Iowa. One of my friends was getting ready to make his WEC debut before he got deployed to Iraq. So I watch MMA not just the UFC. You keep sitting at home watching your Tank Abbott Highlight Video and keep telling everyone else what they do and do not know. And from what I have seen just stop wasting our time by posting because you dont seem to be able to have an inteligent debate, there are plenty of people who have differing opinions on this website but they can do it without having to insult and attack people and there opinions.

  3. i like both georges and matt…i really dont care who wins…i noticed that ever since he got knocked out against serra he's been taking the fight to the ground instead of wanting to stand…serra is hard to finish so i dont see him getting ground and pounded to a stoppage…i really dont wanna make a call cuz last time i said st-pierre like we all did and look what happened…lightning can strike twice if st-pierre dont come focused

  4. BRYAN you are right that GSP has to be carefull but HUGHES beat him fair in an instant by arm bar when everyone thought he had the jujitsu edge in the fight. Then of course as we all know GSP KO'd and summitted him in the 2 rematches. For young fighters w/ a lot of talent it usually takes a loss for them to refocus themselves and to take every fight seriously. SERRA has a little bit of a class jaw and gets hit standing consistently if he comes after SERRA like he did HUGHES in the 2nd fight this one won't last long.

  5. FELLAS there is no need to argue here, this is only a forum now if you guys were gonna get into a cage against each other in there near future the insults would be all good there is nothing wrong w/ disagreeing. SYLVIA's last uh… 3 or 4 fights did suck they were slow and he did not show the agression he used to show a few years ago. Now I have seen all of BISBING's fights since his last fight in the UK against that bald guy w/ the GOLD TEETH and all of the TUF fights and his UFC fights he does go after it from what I can see but the LHW division is full of GREAT fighters so he should be better @ 205. Either way both of you are right on 1 subject or the other no reason for beefing each other unless you're actually gonna fight. I don't think too many guys will disagree w/ that.


    I wasn't "beefing" i was just making someone aware that they were acting like a child. And all I am saying about Bisping is that he is a smaller Tim Sylvia (not finishing) which in the grand scheme of things sucks because we all pay good money to watch a fight, I can go watch a high school wrestling meet if I want to be bored.

  7. erik

    it is going to be pretty interesting to see 22,000 people cheering for the same person….at first i thought that GSP was going to dominate Serra but after learning more about Serra its really hard to say who is going to win…these guys have some really bad blood for each other if you watched the countdown yesterday Serra called St. Pierre a frenchy and St. Pierre said that the only reason he signed on to fight Matt Serra was because he thought it was going to be an easy fight

  8. kosekane

    f@$k serra. hes a nobody ,gsp DOMINATED. as for lutter hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahah I quote " I'LL NEVER LOSE TO ANDERSON SILVA AGAIN''…. HAHAHAHAHHA youll never get the chance to fight him again…. hahahahahhahahahahhaha … if silva cuts weight he'll take the title if he raises hell take that title.( rampage couldnt finish dan in 5 rounds and anderson executed him in 2. do the math.)


    WOW, that was a tough showing by Serra. Why did he even get in the ring. I bet his ribs feel awesome today. I dont think GSP even got hit. all you Serra lovers out there…. WHAT A JOKE. Lutter was outclassed as well, I thought he had franklin with that Arm bar but he got out and then poured it on. Franklin is still the second best fighter in his weight class, unfortunately he cant come close to being the best again. I want to see Wanderlei drop down and fight Anderson, I think that silva vs. sliva would be agood fight since Wandi is a small lght hvy anyway. Starnes is a joke, why did he even get in the ring, was he scared?

  10. Schmac

    In response to Achilles. It's clear you give GSP respect as a fighter as he is the best welterweight out there but its also clear that you don't really like him, so don't get carried away with some of the things you write. GSP is by no means a light heavyweight that cuts 40 pounds for fights. He walks around at 190 and more like 185 when training for a fight so at most he cuts 20 pounds. He's just one of those guys that is perfectly suited for his weight class. I'm a GSP fan, but he would have no chance at 185 against a Silva, Hendo, or Franklin (Franklin is another guy perfectly suited to his weight class, cutting 20-25 lbs to fight at 185). GSP could maybe fight a Chris Leben however the problem with GSP is that his greatest strength is his wrestling (he could easily compete in the olympics and could have had the chance of making Canadian national team – if it wouldn't have hindered his UFC career) which he uses to wear down his opponents as well as set up GnP and submissions. Wrestling becomes much less effective when you move up in a weight class and are fighting bigger opponents narrowing the strength gap. Serra and Hughes both proved that GSP can be beaten so there is no need to move up. Anderson Silva on the other hand is unbeatable at 185 so I wouldn't mind seeing him move up to get a more competitive bout, however what's in it for him? Title bouts bring in more money for both fighter and UFC. It makes more sense to convince someone in the next higher weight class to move down.

    (By the way – when a fighter is already dominant in a weight class, they should never move down as some have suggested on this board). I'm glad Bisping moved down, he was a tool at 205 and looked decently effective at 185. Hendo-Franklin would be a good fight.

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