UFC 84: Ill Will


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May 24, 2008


MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada


Live on PPV @ 10pm EST


BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk – Lightweight Title
Keith Jardine vs. Wanderlei Silva
Lyoto Machida vs. Tito Ortiz
Wilson Gouveia vs. Goran Reljic
Thiago Silva vs. Antonio Mendes


Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Terry Etim vs. Rich Clementi
Shane Carwin vs. Christian Wellisch
Rousimar Palhares vs. Ivan Salaverry
Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Dong-Hyun Kim vs. Jason Tan

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46 Comments on "UFC 84: Ill Will"

  1. nope Silva/ Jardine has been confirmed by Silva on his website and it is happeneing…Lets say Jardine wins (which i sincerly doubt) and Liddell wins his bout against Shogun (which I also dont think will happen) they will have to rematch to tell who should get a title shot at the winner of Griffin/ Rampage

  2. Realwun

    Thats a possibility and if Jardine wins then Chuck would probably have to fight him before getting a shot at the title. I Chuck wins and Jardine loses then I think they will give Chuck an automatic shot at the title.

  3. If chuck wins and Jardine loses then chuck should most definitly get a title shot, coming off two big wins over 2 better opponents than anyone else in the LHW divison has fought consecitvely

  4. kaleo

    bj penn gonna smash sherk and everyother 155 lb the ufc throws to the prodigy then hell move up to 170 and rematch and beat gsp hawaiian all da way keep representing for da people and da islands

  5. Scooby Doo

    bj penn,ko/tko.

    if tito takes down & mounts first tito tko by elbows, if it goes the distant machida by sub tito will get tired and sloopy.

    w.silva if he get in close left hook /upercut tko or ground in pound. if not and it goes the distant jar by diss.

    T. Silva by ko/sub either way Rashads first loss 1

    Sokodjou by tko/ko.

  6. colin

    all and all i like this card a lot but i do think penn, lyoto, wand, silva, and the nakamura will win the african assassin does not impress me at all especially after the lyoto fight

  7. roy

    i agree with you colin except for the african assassin part i think he takes this one although he did look bad in the lyoto fight.

  8. Thomas

    Although I like BJ Penn a lot, there is no way he would smash GSP. GSP has the skills to avoid an early end (I know, I know, he didn't with Hughes) and BJ could not keep up the pace for the duration.

  9. Brandon

    I dont know, I think they definitly should have a rematch. BJ is definitly stepping up his cardio and I think could keep pace with GSP, it would be a sick fight!

  10. roy

    i don't think it would be a easy fight for bj against gsp but i think he has already proven he can hang with him and with better cardio i think he wins it in a tough fight.

  11. HAWAII


  12. STEVEO

    Did everyone forget that HOUSTON ALEXANDER who I used to watch beat guys up in downtown Des Moines at a bar that had a ring, walked into the ring and made Keith "the dean of retarded nicknames" Jardine look like a kinda tough high school kid in about 90 seconds. Lets not give the man too much credit. Silva gets a KO in the second round after "the Axe Murder" (filed under awesome nickname) gives him hope and then blasts his face off in the second round.


    stevieo your right about The Axe Murder. but you are way wrong on tito. tito goes in takes Lyoto down and "blasts his face off in the second round"

  14. RIC

    B.J. Penn wins 1:31, 4th Round (TKO). Penn Is Ready to defend his title which he fought so long for. His preparation to prove dominance is over Sherks prepartion to prove he can still fight with out 'roid raging the entire fight.

    Wanderlei Silva wins 3:31, 1st Round (TKO). Because Jardine isnt as good as he thinks.

    Lyoto Machida wins 2:31, 2nd Round (Submission). With wins over B.J. Penn and Rich Franklin, Machida is hard to deny. Ortiz will take the walk of shame down to loser lane. Where he'll probably just die his hair some more.

    Thiago Silva wins :33, 1st Round (K.O.). If I was Evans I'd rather fight liddell. Silva has not lost and will not lose any time soon against Evans or Mendes. Even though a lack luster preformance in previous fights, Mendes just isnt ready.

  15. STEVEO

    RIC, I cant say I disagree with you about Silva. I think he could very well be the next light heavy champ if he gets a shot. Good striker and he also has good ground game. He proved against Houston that he can take down a great striker and put him out quick. I think Silva may be the guy that everyone is overlooking and I wish he would have gotten a chance to fight evans because I think evans has a much better chance of beating liddell than he does of beating silva.

  16. erik

    BJ Penn will beat Sean Sherk as long as he keeps the fight on the ground…Sean Sherk is way too strong against B.J. Penn but if it goes to the ground Sherk is getting choked out

    Silva will beat Keith Jardine simply because his stand up is better…i dont care if Keith Jardine beat Chuck Liddell or not he's not going to be able to keep up with Silva

    Lyoto Machida hands down is going to beat Tito Ortiz

    Wilson Gouveia is going to win

    Thiago Silva will win as well because of his heavy hands

  17. roy

    erik i disagree with you on the sherk fight, sherks only chance is on the ground even though i think b.j. can beat him there too but if sherk stands with b.j he has no chance b.j is way better with his hands than sherk will ever be.

  18. erik

    roy you have a good point on B.J. having better hands than Sherk but you have to understand that Sherk is a VERY VERY strong guy….he started out heavyweight and worked his way down….in the end though it wont make a diffrence because "the prodigy" is going to choke him out in the first or second round

  19. i see silva destroying jardine…i know jardine beat chuck but i think that was a fluke…most boring fight of all time by the way…but i just dont see jardine lasting long with the axe murderer…machida and tito will be a good fight…and good test for machida…sokoudjou didnt impress me against machida…i think tito will bring more to the table against machida than sokoudjou did…and i hate tito so i hope he gets beat…as for sherk and bj…bj dominates stand up and sherk takes it to the ground and gets choked out at the middle of round 2

  20. ROY is right BJ outstruck GSP standing tatoo his face about 5 different colors in the 1st 2 rounds of their fight. SHERK is't good on his feet and doesn't have the jujitsu to hang with BJ on the ground. MMA is not all about bench presses and dead lifts.

  21. erik

    machida is goin to crush tito…lyoto is no joke…so what do people think about the recent fedor vs. tim sylvia fight?

  22. I hope SYLVIA goes BALL's OUT he has the size and power to KO any one on EARTH (yeah I said it) He doesn't come into fights in shape and mentally he seems like he is just cruising through fights trying not to get KO'd himself. FEDOR is the FAVORITE, but if SYLVIA comes to fight FOR A CHANGE he can make it interesting and re-establish himself.

  23. STEVEO

    I am going to agree with Achilles, first things first let me state I hate watching Tim Sylvia fight, NOW, back in the day he was a force. If that force shows up and brings his a game and doesnt look all flabby and tired he could gie Fedor a fight. Lets remember that fedor has been beating up crack heads and street hustlers for a few years now like kimbo slice. It will be a change for him to get in the ring with someone who can actually bring that big knockout punch, only time will tell. I also think that Machiada beats tito. Tito has been focusing more on his ex?-pornstar girlfriend and trying to make friends with all the other has beens on the apprentice and not getting ready for what could be a crossroads fight in his career, lets face it, his last five fights counting this one, two wins over ken "the worlds most undangerous man" shamrock. A embarrassing defeat at the hands of chuckles and a draw with rashad, who i still maintain is overrated until he beats an elite fighter which may come soon, and there is this fight that he SHOULD in my opinion lose, so tito may be taking his football and going hom eif this doesnt go his way. I am also excited to watch silva knock jardines face clean off, should be a devastating knck out.

  24. Businessman

    Yeah, Tito is going to lose and go home crying. You can't hlpe but root against him. He has the worst personality is the biggest baby. This is a far cry from when he was a fan favorite and the UFC Champ. How far he has fallen. Once he started making money and getting famous, he lost his interest in fighting. He is now interested in making movies, being on TV, and partying with jenna (not a huge deal, a lot of guys have :) ) He cries that he should be paid more…how about winning jerk? How about being a contender again? Maybe is you can beat someone other than Ken, who should have retired after the WWE, then maybe your paycheck would be bigger.

    My predictions from the Main Card:

    BJ Penn





    The only interesting thing from the Prlim Card is to see if Sokoudjou will finally win in the UFC. Other than that the Prelim fights suck.

  25. STEVEO

    I agree in the future i see Silva being the champ, I think hes that good. Heavy Hands, great ground game, experience, and youth. Hes gonna be tough

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