UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin


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July 5, 2008


Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada



Tickets go on sale Saturday, April 12 at 10 am. PST and will be priced at $800, $500, $300, $200, $100 and $50. Tickets will be sold at any Mandalay Bay box office and all Las Vegas Ticketmaster locations

Main Card

Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin (UFC Light Heavyweight Title)
Gleison Tibau vs. Joe Stevenson
Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida
Chris Lytle vs. Josh Koscheck
Tyson Griffin vs. Marcus Aurelio

Preliminary Card

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Justin McCully
Corey Hill vs. Justin Buchholz
Cole Miller vs. Jorge Gurgel
Melvin Guillard vs. Dennis Siver

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UFC 86 Videos

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Forrest Griffin on ESPN Sportscenter
UFC 86 Weigh-In Video
Press Conference Video: Rampage and Forrest
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73 Comments on "UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin"

  1. dane drebin

    rampage should win but forest has a chance especially if rampage is taking him lightly. rampage says it best when he said forest aint neva faught nobody like me before. he's right i think forest is in over his head but i hope forest takes him atleast 3 rounds

  2. steve

    On paper rampage should finish forrest off but we all no that forrest has evolved as a fighter as we seen in the shogun fight. He has great wrestling and submission skills and his stand up is always improving. I think that this fight is going to be a war.

  3. true mma fan

    ok well here is what i think about the fights and what should happen .first off forrest in my honest opinion does not belong in the same ring as rampage and i know what you are going to say is that he beat shogun and yeah thats true but tell me truthfully that that was an in shape shogun cause he looked out of shape and also it was his first fight in the ufc cage and probably took griffin a lil to lightley.

    so please name another top contender in the ufc that griffin has beat that is either in the top 10 let alone even still in the ufc. NO ONE

    also i don't beleive iceman deserves to fight for the title and i also think they should give shogun a couple of good fights in the UFC befor everyone jumps the gun and says shogun was the best light heaveyweight contender cause he wasn't the one with the pride championship it was dan henderson .

    to me chucky need to prove himself again against maybe henderson to be back in the top 5 yeah he did beat the axe murderer but that was also wandies first fight in the cage since what mid 90's so to me i beleive wandie and chucky should have another rematch.

    also look at it this way the saying goes……."you may be big but theres always someone bigger">>>>>>>>

    to me rampage has proved himself against chucky and dominated in both encounters there is always someone who has your # and can beat you like wandie against rampage and rampage against chucky .

  4. true mma fan

    stephan bonner isn't even in the top 10 2 wins by desicion

    maybe jardine is in the top ten but not top 5 and got put to sleep ZZzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ

    elvis sinosec not in top 10 he won by tko

    who the hell is hector ramirez not in UFC AND NOT TOP20

    wow an overrated but good tito ortiz at the time was top 10 but not top 5 and he lost

    then theres shogun who hadn't fought in the ufc let alone a cage and was also out of shape and this ais a fact cause he was gassed in the end of the first round and he still gave forrest the fight of his life till the rnc

    so please can someone tell me where in this list of nobody's and somewhat somebody's is griffin in the top 5 let alone #1 contender cause how is it you can be devistatingley put to sleep by a maybe top 10 fighter then win against a nobody and get a match with ring rusted rua for the #1 seat

    it just baffles me how the UFC has been going downhill in their match up selections. i would love to hear from someone who has been watching reall mma fights for almost as long as i have and not be bias to their fighter casue i am not a griffin fan nore a rampage fan just a true to heart mma fan

    i'm not taking anything away from griffin cause he is a semi good fighter and is fun as hell to watch but to everyone who is saying that griffin is getting better when he has had only 2 fights under his belt since being punished and put to sleep by jardine ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

  5. steve

    I am not so sure Wand could beat Rampage now. Its really not even close to fighting in Pride and fighting in the UFC. I see the Wand vs Rampage fight turning out bad for Wand. But yes Wand wanst a rematch with Chuck but chuck wants rashad a guy he knows he can beat easliy and a title shot. Im not sure many people want to see Chuck go at it with Rampage again. I would personally like to see chuck fight rashad then Shogun. Then if he wins that he has earned a title shot. Dont dis forrest dude I think he gots Shoguns #. I dont see Shogun able to submit him and I dont think he can beat Forrest on the feet or in the clinch and wrestling department. I feel that Shogun is only a top fighter in Pride. I just dont see him finding such great success in the UFC as he did with Pride and the different rules they had. By the way I dont think Dan could hang with Shogun today.

  6. true mma fan

    STEVE O how can you say that chuck got screwed in the rampage fight if you watch it in slow mo over and over again you will definatley se that after the 3rd shot to chucky's head while he was laying on his back he went limp and if it wasn't for the ref he would have gotten really hurt then even after the fight watch chucky in his corner cause he didn't even know what had happened or even that he had gotten knocked

    so please explain to me how chucky got fucked in that fight cause he was put to sleep and din't even know it

  7. true mma fan

    ok first off dan can hang with almost anyone in the ufc he got hit good and plenty by rampage and gave back what he got i do in fact think you are right in the chucky wanting an easy fight then a title shot but i beleive he should have to earn it .

    on the matter of me dissing forrest don't get me wron but he has failed to prove himself against a top contender and has had trouble with the not top contenders he has faced. look at it this way he is a good fighter but in having shoguns # is completley ludacris casue the fact is that shogun had acl problems which basicly stopped him from training at full pottential in matters of conditioning and strength. you must not have watched alot of his fights in pride cause after the first round in almost all of his pride fights he still looked good and healthy yet he gassed in the end of the first round of the griffin fight.

    where are your facts that griffin has shoguns # cause even a gassed out shogun seemed to inflict damage to a well trained and almost fresh griffin and he still lasted almost the full 3 rounds

    now put a fully prepaired and 80% healthy cause no fighter goes into a match at 100% shogun in the ring with griffin and you will be devistatingly shown the truth about your so called #1 contender that he doesn't belong in the same ring with the likes of rua,rampage,silva and even anderson silva

    and this is to all the people who think that since griffin has a height size advantage power doesn't come from height it comes from sheer and utter strength which forrest is lacking. he doesn't have knock out power and cotoure can't teach knock out power and he can't teach him to have a stronger chin that is just impossible.like i have seen before he can stand and bang with the likes of bonner ,and ortiz but these 2 guys are not know to have power.

    yeah ortiz has power but he doesn't have stand up and bang power.

    and bonner is a banger but not known for power

    the one guy who he tried to stand and bang with that is known for striking was jardine and everyone knows how that fight ended ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  8. sy

    i think its gonna be an all out brawl and in the cage anything can happen. but i have to say i think there will be a new champ soon and the guy i think will take it from anyone in the 205 who holds it at the time is lyoto machida i just dont see anyone who can get round his amazing head for the sport i mean tell me if u think im wrong but i cant see someone like rampage getting no ware near him to knock him out.

  9. tom

    i think rampage would beat him but there is alot of ppl that couldnt for sure like chuck would lose,rashed,forestt,jardine

    i think Both silva would beat him those just because they all come forward and dont back down

  10. roy

    i agree tom it will take some one that comes forward and is agressive, another counter striker would not fair well and be a boring fight.

  11. sy

    yes i do agree with ya but it was just watching the fight with tito who was mooving forward fast and aggresive could not even get close but granted it was a boring fight and if ya look at lyoto's ufc record all but one fight has come by ud the guy has great skill to stay away from other fighters and hes tough but once again i agree his fights are boring

  12. roy

    i thought tito was not that agressive, or at least not agressive as he should have been, intell the 3rd round but part of it was definetly loyota being elusive

  13. true mma fan

    lyoto is a good fighter and i do think that he could have a chance because of his great counter striking but it would be a semi war cause rampage has a solid chin and is a lot more aggressive then tito could and would ever be.the fight with tito and lyoto was a great fight but alot of people would disagree but lyoto took him to school and showed that he is a very intelligent striker.there is a huge difference between rampage and tito cause tito is not a stand up fighter he basically sucks at stand up striking .

    tito's whole fighting skill stems from ground and pound and it works great against fighters who can't defend the take down but when you put him in the ring with a superior striker he has problems which was shown in the lyoto ,lidelle,forrest, and rashad fights

    now on to the point forrest has no chance in beating rampage for many reasons griffin has never been in a 5 round fight and has never survived against a good dtriker let alone a great striker.

    rampage will win by ko in the 2nd or 3rd

  14. Everyone knows that SHOGUN has looked a lot better in his technique and his physicall shape than he did against FORREST. But the point is FORREST still beat him by stoppage and SHOGUN was considered one of the top 205's in world when he was beaten. The fact that FORREST beat on of the last guys who beat RAMPAGE, more like punished him really, gave him the shot. There is nothing wrong with him having the title shot. The main reason is that the fight won't be boring. Now in regards to winning, RAMPAGE should dominate him this will be the first fight where the UFC will RAMPAGE's BIG SLAMS he is known for. FORREST doesn't have great take down defense. RAMPAGE's last 3 oponents, all good or great wrestlers HENDO world class wrestler CHUCK almost never gets taken down, even EASTMAN was a good wrestler. FORREST was getting pounded by TITO in the 1st round of that fight and RAMPAGE is younger, stronger, and hits twice as hard than TITO does. Look for early SLAMS and GROUND -N- POUND to wear FORREST out. FORREST will try to continue but just like in RAMPAGE vs CHUCK 1 back in PRIDE he won't be able to take that for long. But the effort will be there. RAMPAGE overmatches FORREST in this one.

  15. If CHUCK can KO RASHAAD and beats WAND in the rematch or has another big KO after the EVANS fight he "should" be back at the top. But he has to fight WAND again or SHOGUN before doing that. But if SHOGUN wins his next fight and looks great doing it. They have to put him in there with RAMPAGE again to see iff RAMAPAGE's improved stand up is as good as it looks. As for ANDERSON SILVA he is the puond for pund best if HENDO can win at 205 there is no reason to say he can't. I would like to see him beat up a few more people @ 185 tho'. BISBING, OKAMI after that bogus disqualification SPIDER got against him, even GSP if he ever moves up. But you can't knock him for wanting a challange when really he has dominated that division for like 2 years now and all the BIG money fights are at 205. Every one knows that. Accept Keith Jardine he gets ripped off every fight.

  16. patrickgamil

    liddell is an elite killer but rampage beat him first time with all around strength & persistance. in the second match page used very classic american boxing stance and made liddells unorthodox ma boxing style seem not so great – he outboxed liddell.

    griffin wont win against page with anything like in the shogun fight. unless page comes in terribly out of shape – unlikely though.

    he'll have to hurt him early or just avoid the KO from page and squeek a decision.

    page is a top the weight class tied with the best shogun (who still has the best skills)

  17. Amawn7

    man rampage needs to be beat he is really annoying me with all his im going to kick his ass statments uhhh just beat him already

  18. Kash

    I expected that from him. What I didn't expect is that Forrest basically is not even commenting on his fight. I don't think its out of respect for Rampage. I think Forrest realizes what this fight means and he is a little nervous. I like both fighters a lot but I hope Forrest can pull off the upset.

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