UFC 88: “Breakthrough” Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans


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UFC 88 Liddell vs. Evans


September 6, 2008


Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Ga



Tickets for UFC 88 “Breakthrough” can be purchased through TicketMaster. Tickets usually can be found on StubHub or TicketsNow even after an event is sold out.


Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans
Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares
Martin Kampmann vs. Nate Marquardt
Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill
Matt Brown vs. Dong Hyun Kim


Thiago Tavares vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Jason Lambert vs. Jason MacDonald
Mike Patt vs. Tim Boetsch
Roan Carneiro and Ryo Chonan

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UFC 88 Videos

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UFC 88 Preview Trailer

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41 Comments on "UFC 88: “Breakthrough” Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans"


    Oh great I get to listen to everyone tell me how great rashad evans is AGAIN until chuck rips his fucking head off his body and throws it into the crowd. ICEMAN by death punch first round.

  2. sy

    rashard is taylor made for chuck 1. chucks take down defence is awsome 2. he can out punch rashard blind folded. 2nd round TKO.

  3. tom

    this card is going to be a great card…just add was Rich franklin vs Matt hamill at 205 damn thats going to be a hard fight for rich..

  4. Onri

    Still speculation but I think it will happen. What else is Rich going to do, see if he can beat his old record on how long it takes to break his nose against Anderson.

  5. sy

    the fight with rich i think is gonna open eyes to how well bisping is gonna do at 185, looking forward to the fight anyways think unless hammil stops rich early rich wins on desicion

  6. sy

    not technicaly bispin won but i know what ur sayin bisping should have lost the fight but say hammil tkos frankilin at 205 it will show how tough bisping is but it could work the other way or not at all only my oppinion

  7. chris

    So if bisping beat rashad which i thought he did because i cant remember evens doing much on his feet and he was sort of cudderling him on the groud bisping would of got chuck next. thats alright after comming of a loss int it rashad

  8. DanP

    I agree with sy… 'IF' Rich gets a kickin' from Matt Hamill and is stopped in R1 – In theory this should improve the status of both Hamill & Bisping – I agree Bisping lost the hamill fight – no doubt there – but he won R3 and appeared to be getting stronger…

    All I'm saying is… there are a lot of people out there that doubt Bisping – I think he'll do very well at 185 – And if Rich gets TKO'ed by Hamill – I might even start to think he'd have a wee' chance against Anderson Silva!!!

  9. sy

    how can u be so sure that bisping would get worked by silva thats just stupid talk agreed silva in my books would have the adv in skills but but bisping is a class fighter whos never been "worked" by anyone i think its funny how people like u think silva is a robot or something all winning streaks come to and end hes only a man 1 punch or kick in the right spot its lights out. look at gsp serra bet u never gave matt a chance neither.

  10. roy

    true sy everyone has a chance and the longer the win streak the closer it is to ending but it is still highly unlikely that bisping will beat silva

  11. sy

    oh yea i agree fully silva is one of a kind and i dont think bisping would beat him but its just when people speak like he is some kind of terminator and no 1 has a chance its just silly everyone has holes in there game he has been beat b4 by fighters that arnt that good so a fighter like bisping has defo got a chance.

  12. JP

    First of all.. Chucks time is up, I honestly think Rashad will pull a decision and hopefully fight rampage to see who gets a shot at the tittle.

    Secondly, Matt hamill shouldn't have lost the fight to Bisping and what best proof that B went down to 185…And to sy comment on Silva being a one punch fighter i wold seriously recommend you do your research and then realize how good of a striker Silva is and the kind of combinations he can put together…If he fights Bisping he will DESTROY him…

    Now the matt vs rich fight i belive its going to be a very very boring coin flip…

  13. Realwun

    Chucks time isn't up. Ever notice how f'n efficient he is at conserving his energy. He can put together long fights even at his age…stamina isn't much of an issue. The only way Chuck is going to lose is if Rashad is much faster or makes Chuck lose his gameplan like Rampage did. You have to make Chuck be the agressor and not the counter puncher.

  14. sy

    first of all jp get ur facts right when did i say silva was a 1 punch fighter do ur research befor u leave comments fool and we will see if chucks time is up when he ko's ur boy rashard and ur just another one who thinks silva is a robot who cant be beat do ur research and look at the people who have beat him not that impressive.

  15. Steveo

    Well I am pretty sure hes DOMINATED rich franklin TWICE. Handled Hendersen pretty easy. Beat Leben. I am not saying the guy is Inhuman I just don't see a fighter who is going to beat him in his weight class for a while. I would say that Bisping hasnt exactly been beating world class fighters either. Beat Hamil (bad call), lost a decision to rashad( who I think may be the most overated fighter in the ufc) and beat WORLD CLASS BADASS charles mccarthy, gimme a break. and just a reminder he still has to get past leben too so lets not ordain this guy the next best thing yet. Chucks time is far from over. I will say it again ICE MAN BY DEATH PUNCH FIRST ROUND.

  16. JP

    Silva will not only hold the two titles but he will hold all three. his brazilian pride and his respect towards martial arts will make him want to move up the weight classes and fight the toughest opponents just like the old structure of the ufc.

    And rashad will out wrestle chuck and maybe ground and pound him.

    As for bisping…he will win but not in the manner he should if he really lives up to his hype.

  17. dane drebin

    rashad couldnt out wreslte tito he's not gunna be ground and pounding lidell unless lidell's aga has caught up to him which id ont think it has yet

  18. Derek

    JP r u saying he can move up to heavyweight???????????? If so your crazy cause he would never move to heavy and if he did goodnight sleepy time.

  19. roy

    jp silva already said ne is not interested in the lhw title, he would never fight machida or nog his business partner, he will not even go after the lhw title so his only interest is the mw title.

  20. sy

    thats true silva did say that but what dose everyone think the outcome of silva machida would be if they did fight, i think it would go to decision and i wouldent like to bet on any.

  21. STEVEO

    Although I think Silva just wanted to prove he could do it the only fight at LHW that even makes sense for Silva to fight at this point is for the belt. He obviously didnt even sweat taking out Irvin who is not a contender but a guy will bring it. My opinion Silva and any top lhw would be awesome but I just don't see it because pound for pound its him and fedor and I dont see him risking his legacy as maybe the best ever, assuming fedor actually loses a fight sometime this decade. Chuck would be awesome but I have a feeling whoever landed first punch would win. Wandi would be great but I would like to see him drop down and fight andersen. A lot of possiblilities but more hope than plausibel

  22. STEVEO

    excellent point gobbles, I just dont see it, if Rando sure couldt do it no way in hell evans will. Chuck manages the ring very well cutting off his opponent and is great at blocking take downs and using very little energy while fighting so he can go longer. I dont think evans has a prayer.

  23. Dan

    i dont think that chucks age will be a problem cus he is still a great fighter and can hit really hard rashad is undefeated but hasn't fought anyone good yet i defenatley think chuck will win this fight.

  24. i think that chuck will beat rashad cus he has fought much tougher and won and rashad has not fought anyone worth talking about i think chuck will outstrike rashad and if it goes to the ground chuck is good on the ground too and has got great takedown defence so either decision or ko/tko for liddell.

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