UFC 89: Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly



According to the Junkie, Marcus Davis (14-4) and Paul Kelly (8-0) will likely meet at UFC 89 on October 18 from NEC Arena in Birmingham, England.

“I don’t think (the fight with Kelly) is official yet…I haven’t received the contract to fight [Kelly] yet. But [the UFC] called to ask me, and I said yes, and I guess they asked him and he said yes.”

The two fighters have been featured attractions in the UFC’s conquest into the British market. Before losing to Mike Swick at UFC 85, Davis was climbing the welterweight division with an impressive 11 fight winning streak.

Kelly is an undefeated English born fighter who successfully defeated Paul Taylor at UFC 80 in his UFC debut.

Davis explains his injury before the Mike Swick fight at UFC 85, losing by Unanimous Decision after taking a beating by Swick on the ground.

“Three weeks before the Swick fight, I had torn the connective tissue between my triceps and my rear [deltoid],” Davis said. “I had Cortisone shots for that. Two days before the Swick fight, I couldn’t move my arm. So, the UFC was cool enough to send me to an orthopedic doctor in the U.K., and they did an ultrasound on my arm. I had an impingement in the front bursa sac that was like 100 times the size it was supposed to be, and then still that tear in the rear connective tissue. [The doctor] did a guided needle with the ultrasound into the bursa, and drained the bursa. And that lasted for about three-and-a-half hours, and then I couldn’t move my arm again.

“The day of the weigh-ins, [the UFC] excused me early. After I weighed in, they let me leave and brought me back [to the doctor] and checked me out. It had swollen right back up again because the needle had aggravated it.”

“Dana White looked at me and he said, ‘What do you want to do? What are you going to do?”

“I said, ‘I just flew 3,000 freaking miles to get in a fight. I’m fighting tomorrow night, regardless.'”