UFC 89: Bisping vs. Leben


UFC 89 bisping vs. leben


October 18, 2008


National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England


Free on SpikeTV

The main card will air on Spike TV in the US at 9:00 PM EST on same-day tape delay

Tickets for UFC 89 “Bisping vs. Leben” can be purchased through TicketMaster. Tickets usually can be found on StubHub or TicketsNow even after an event is sold out.


Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben
Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Luiz Cane
Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly
Paul Taylor vs. Chris Lytle

Preliminary Bouts

Akihiro Gono vs. Dan Hardy
Jess Liaudin vs. David Bielkheden
Sammy Schiavo vs. Per Eklund
Sam Stout vs. Terry Etim
Shane Carwin vs. Neil Wain
David Baron vs. Jim Miller

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92 Comments on "UFC 89: Bisping vs. Leben"

  1. Unfortunately, Shogun is injured.

    I can't want to see what he's really like when his conditioning is back to where it was in PRIDE.

    Rampage fought a different (And better) Shogun then Forest did.

  2. AB

    UFC 89 just announcd 3 new fights to the card. Does Dana White & Joe Silva think we're twats in the UK. How the fuck can they call 89 a "super show" with the card as it is right now? Bisping v Leben is the only good fight announced & Sodkodu v cain ain't goona be a fight of the night contender like they're saying. The card needs another headline fight and some top 10 fighters in their weight classes on the card.

    I've heard that theres a PPV the week after (UFC90?). That probably explains it. Rant over.

  3. Plasticpaddy

    Does Marcus Davies actually live in the UK these days or what? Seriously, most of us in the UK have seen him fight live more than any other UFC fighter. No offence to him, but another name would be nice for a change…

  4. Anderson Silva will eventually fight Rampage and win that. Bisping will fight Franklin and Fedor will kick anybody's ass as soon as he enters the UFC doors. Randy, stay as far away from Fedor. This guy is going to kick your ass silly!

  5. AB

    @Puto Culero "Anderson will fight Rampage". A) never B) who gives a fuck. Rampage lost his belt. If Silva fights at 205 again (and it is an if) he'll be in against someone like Thiago Silva.


    Why is leben bisping getting top billing? In my eyes silva and machida has much bigger effect on the title picture in their division because leben and bisping are just fighting to see who gets there ass kicked by silva again.

  7. Nalla

    Hi all,

    Been reading with interest the comments on this site [some great stuff!], so gonna add a few of my own. I think Bisping will beat Leben, but it won't be an easy fight. I don't think it will go 3 rounds and it would be nice to see around 10 hard & fast succesive knees again [that's what the fans wanna see!]. Agree with all the comments on Lebens chin, he can take a proper beating. Looking forward to seeing Lyoto fight again. He & Rashad would make for an interesting fight, but not sure if they'd actually connect with each other seeing as they are so bloody elusive!

    I notice no-one has discussed the Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar fight as of yet [announced at UFC-88]. Firstly I think Randy is as hard as a church bell and has the heart the size of a watermelon, as strong as they come and can take a punch but [and it's a big problem] Lesnar has the hunger. He walked all over Herring, he's so explosive for such a big fella and you'd rather get punched by Chuck than Brock. I'm no fan of wrestling [Hey, I'm British] and you don't ever dis-respect fighters like he did at the end of the Herring fight, but I just think he's literally too strong for Randy [and Yes, I saw the Sylvia fight]. Agree that Silva is [almost] unstoppable. I think Griffin would be a good test for him [he came across as a bit of a cock on TUF as a coach], but I still rate him. Other than that only Sylar or Peter Petrelli could take him.

    Anyway, would like to hear some thoughts on the above [and no I don't train in MMA, but do have some tap out shorts but don't wear them down the sucker [that's pub / boozer for the US compadres]

    Obama for Pres!!! ;-)

  8. gav d

    am goin to this 1 n am bit gutted about silva,was a weak card already but this makes it worse!hope the ufc surprise me n get a good replacement,w silva would be good if hes available!bisping 1st round TKO

  9. steve

    UFC 80 was much worse than this and it was on PPV and UFC 85 was no better than this either. You can totally see why this is onSpikeTv but that being said this card will hopefully have some wars and answer a couple questions I have.

    Ok about the main event

    1. Will Bisping who outstruck R.Evans be able to outsrike and keep angles on the Rock like head of Leben?

    2. Wil Leben be able to KO Bisping and is Bispings chin Solid??

    3. Who has evolved and actually got a manager and good training to come up with a great gameplan which u need to be a big star in the ufc.Maybe neither of them have. I pick Bisping on the fact that if Leben cant hurt him I dont see him outpointing Bisping stick and move weird herky jerky stlye kinda like Keith Jardine awkward.

    Now with Soku and Cane

    1.Is Soku just a 2 hit wonder? or is he for real and a real contender?

    2. Is cane who has showed promise but against lack luster performance for real or just another opponent to be put into fill cards and make the fights exciting.

    3. Cane has great stand up but is it better then The Afican Assasins?

    And onto the last fight that I will coment on

    Keith "Dean of Mean" Jardine vs Brandon "50-50" Vera.

    1.50-50 is perfect for talking about Vera b/c anymore there is a 50 percent chance he wont show up an 50 percent chance he will. His move to LHW isnt lookin as promising as some would have liked.

    2. Vera is almost completly forgotten when talking about a title shot. If ever wants to get a shot in the most crowded division in UFC history he will have to put together a string of big KO's or do what Rashad did and fight an older and slower Chuck Liddell and KO him.Since Vera cant do that he MUST win this fight or he will maybe be released from the UFC. Atleast I feel he should on the undercard for sure and fight a couple low lvl comp get his confidence back.

    3. Vera doesnt seem that confident anymore. I remeber his first fight against Fabiano Scherner and he called out Chuck Liddell and said he was gonna be the LHW champ and HW Champ at the same time. Now he is turning down fights like he did with Machida. This says that he may not be confident in his skills.

    4. After a huge KO loss to Wanderlei will Keith bounce back and avoid getting hit on his already questionable chin. I mean Wanderlei has power but the punch that dropped Keith grazed the top of his head.

    These things are the only reason I am interested in seeing this card. Sorry if its long and just coment on my question plz and maybe give ur thoughts on the fights.

    ALso the Silva and Machida fight was scrapped both fighters are off the card.

  10. Mike

    Sam Stout? Someone is actually still willing to pay this kid to show up? WTF!

    Love Chris Leben's heart & chin, but Bisping is one of the most under rated fighters out there, as are both Diaz brothers & Rashad Evans.

    I think Keith's spotlight days are coming to an end. Brandon Vera is more blow than show and "the Irish hand grenade" has some of the best Western boxing skills in the MMA ring, alongside Spencer Fisher.

  11. Ryan S

    Thank you Mike, I love to watch Marcus Davis fight. Steve, you bring up a good point about Vera, but if he fights this fight smart, and brings it to the ground, I think he can take the win. I can't say anything about Bisping's ground game because I don't think I personally have seen it, but on the feet I think it can go to anyone. Leben can take and give hard punches, and Bisping can give good punches and is explosive. Either way, I'm not exstatic, but I think it will be entertaining. At least it's free.

  12. gav d

    agree with you steve,80 n 85 were weak as well its def a uk thing.a payed extra to get a floor seat so am bit pissed bout machida,hopefully vera will turn up to fight. hes been hit n miss when ave saw him

  13. STEVEO

    kinda pist about the machida silva fight being pulled, that was the only reason that i really even wanted to watch this one. but since its free i will watch and prolly be disappointed.

  14. sy

    i understand what everyone is saying about the card but almost every time the card looks great the fights r dissapointing i think that there will be some good brawls on this one a few knock outs, so is macida still fighting or is it another chuck rashard waiting game.

  15. crystal

    hey all,

    i completely agree with sy. every time i watch ufc for fights that sound really good i get disappointed and i turn it off… i don't know why that happens but it really sucks. however i am looking forward to bisping vs leben… if this turns out to be a disappointment i don't think that i will be able to watch another fight again..lol

  16. STEVEO

    I can agree that too often the ufc seems to disappoint and sometimes doesnt even show what were the best fights on the card or at least the more popular fighters that anyone actually wants to watch.

  17. Ed Cas


    Just wondering if anyone knows which t-shirt bisping will be wearing on the night and where i can get a couple them from?

    This will be the first UFC i've been to and i would like to show support for our boy.



  18. It will be a tough fight for both fighter because Bisping has a great heart and Leben has great power but I think that Bisping will come out on top by split decision.

  19. Pete

    Bisping have not shown nothing as a tough fighter, he only has fought low ranking guys like Jason Day, Charles McCarty in middleweight division and LH was the same, the only tough guy was Rashad, but Bisping lost and also he lost Hamil's fight all three rounds, Hamil just took him down 7 or 8 times and Bisping never took Hamil down, besides Hamil and Evans he has never fought Jardine, Lidell, Wanderlei, Machida or any other top ten LH Fighter, i hope Leben KO him in the firs round even though Leben is not in the top ten middleweights, but hopefully we will see Bisping against really fighters like Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, Nate Marquadt or Paulo Filho

  20. ForTunA

    I do hope bisping goes all out on his fight against leben! i dont thing he will knock leben out coz that guy has a tough chin and a fuckin huge dome!!!

    you all gotta remember that Bisping is a natural middleweight so he aint had the chance to showcase what he got yet (so he says) hes only fought day and mcCarthy in mid-weight.

    allthough the 1 flaw i see in Bispings game is that the guy don't seem to strike hard enough! Leben packs some power in his strikes!

  21. jbraytown

    Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben

    bisping strikes

    Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera

    jardine strikes

    Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Luiz Cane

    cane submission

    Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly

    davis submission

    Paul Taylor vs. Chris Lytle

    lytle strikes

  22. erik

    im rooting for leban to win but i dont think it will happen…if bisping wins it will be in a decision

    jardine will lose in rd 2 TKO

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