UFC 91: Couture vs. Lesnar


UFC 91 Poster


November 15, 2008


MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV



Tickets go on sale for UFC 91, Wednesday September 17 to UFC Fight Club members and then to the general public Saturday, September 20 at 10am CT through Ticketmaster.com. Tickets usually can be found on StubHub or TicketsNow even after an event is sold out.


Brock Lesnar vs. Randy “The Natural” Couture (T)
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Jorge Gurgel Vs. Aaron Riley
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Mark Bocek vs. Alvin Robenson
Matt Brown vs. Ryan Thomas

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72 Comments on "UFC 91: Couture vs. Lesnar"

  1. Tim

    John..No i am not saying that 155lb man is always stronger than a 154lbs man dont be stupid…a 280lb muscle freak man will always be stronger than a 225lb man…bottom line is Rnady is no where near having the athletic ability and strength that lesnar has….not even close…Randy needs to really work hard in this fight..he must dodge punches cause everyone knows that Randy cant stay on his feet after a lesnar fully connected punch..hell no one has and he must avoid the takendowns wich will not happen as lesnar should take him down at willl. Lesnar must do his own and take it to Randy standing and takedowns and look for the Submission.

  2. steve

    Calm down we get it Lesnar is a complete freak of nature. You can see that just looking at him but that doesnt mean he is going to win. Yeah I would say he could KO randy but will he? Sure he could slam randy on his neck and kill him but will he? Its all speculation and EVERY and I mean Every post with anything about Lesnar in it you have around 50% of the posts and u call someone stupid for not agreeing with you. Lesnar may be able to beat most UFC fighters up but it is still too early to say if he is gonna live up to the hype. If everyone that was built like a truck was tough think how many bodybuilders would fight in the UFC. Having muscle and wrestling wont always get it done. As Mir showed Lesnar you need to be well rounded. Yeah Lesnar dropped hearing but hearings feet got caught together and he more like tripped. It may have hurt his face but he wasnt close to being KO'd. Neither was Mir. Lesnar has been able to confuse his opponents nt letting them know if he is gonna punch or takedown. He more or less catches guys off guard on the feet. Randy will be able to see it coming. He wont be surprised if LEsnar comes out punching. You cant really say he is a great striker just yet. Now if he pieces up randy then yeah I would comsider him a threat on the feet for sure. Simply because Sylvia couldnt take Couture on the feet and Sylvia is one of the best HW strikers in MMA.I would like to see Shane Carwin and Lesnar fight eventually. Label it as "battle of the muscle giants". LOL

  3. steve

    At first I was leaning towards Randy but coming up on the fight I am leaning towards lesnar. But hell GSP got tko'd by Matt Fucking Serra.So like the saying goes anything can happen.

  4. Tim

    I wasnt calling him stupid for not agreeing with me..it was because he was being a smart ass and saying that a 155lb man would always be stronger that a 154lb man…anywyas As we all know lesnar is no bodybuilder and is a specimen of true athletic ability…Lesnar has great striking sure we havent seen much of it as combination wise but that is because it only takes one punch from him and your on your ass…give the man some credit…Heath did not trip…he got rocked hard and lesnar broke his orbital bone in the process. Now it has been nearly 9 months since the MIR fight and if you have paid attention you would know that Lesnar has gotten extremly better on the ground and BJJ i am not saying he is the best but he is still learning while in the process of fighting top notch fighters that is something to have respect for…I just dont see Randy winning unless another Mir happens and he beats himself and gets submitted which could happen but not likely…more likly is this Randy will get dropped with the first punch and taken down at will and lesnar will KO or TKO him or hell even submit his ass wouldnt that be a shocker…is see this fight ending in the 3rd if Randy can get past the 1st but crazier things have happened before and in MMA you just can not rule out a fighter not matter how in trouble they really are.

  5. Sam

    MMA is where it at, real fights from guys who have heart and guts. I take my hat off to all fighters. I can't do what these guys do I don't like the pain. Ever wrestling I give respect you have to love pain and risk your health on the line to entertain audiences from all over the globe. MMA is great pure entertainment action passion for what you do. As for wrestling it's not easy ether two very different sports one's real the other is fake and they both brings the best out their fans. Much love for the fighters best wish and may it keep coming and getting better and kicking ass.

  6. Joe

    LOL…Forget Lesnar laughing at Herring, what was funny is when he tried to ride Herring like a horse during the last 10 seconds of the fight. That looked like a gay porn or sodomi beat and rape type of thing…LOL…Every time I remember I always laugh cuz it looked like Lesnar was enjoying it too. So laughin was not so much of an unprofessional thing, but riding Herring was not only unprofessional, but freaking weird too…LOL…Ride Lesnar, ride….LOL

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