UFC 92 “The Ultimate 2008″ Nogueira vs. Mir


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December 27, 2008


MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada




Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans[T]
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir [T]
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva
Cheick Kongo vs. Mustapha Al-Turk
C.B. Dollaway vs. Mike Massenzio


Dean Lister vs. Yushin Okami
Antoni Hardonk vs. Mike Wessel
Matt Hamill vs. Reese Andy
Brad Blackburn vs. Ryo Chonan
Dan Evensen vs. Pat Barry

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48 Comments on "UFC 92 “The Ultimate 2008″ Nogueira vs. Mir"

  1. sy

    bj penn is going down

    nog vs mir intreasting

    jackson for a come back if he keeps taking his meds

    wanderlei kills the next unlucky fighter.

  2. Jared

    My mind says Bj, but my heart says GSP

    Nogueira, he has to much heart and is such a legend

    If we see the old shogun we may very well see a repeat of the last fight(let alone rampages problems right now)


  3. HollywoodGat

    GSP is sitting out til at least Feb '09!

    Big Nog vs Mir (Heavyweight Title)

    BJ Penn vs Ken Florian (Lightweight Title)

    Rampage vs Shogun

    Wandy Silva vs Liddell II OR loser of Thiago/Machida

  4. Dangler

    Guys lets clear our heads about a few of those above said fights.

    1. Rampage vs Shogun 2 – No way after have well over a year off and having 2 injuries will they send Shogun in with Rampage, Shogun is a money maker and they need him to get his confidence and ring rust off first. Expect him to fight in Nov or Dec but with a lesser fighter the Rampage.

    2. HollywoodGat you are off on a Silva vs Liddell 2, Liddell will not be fighting a guy he just beat 2 fights earlier. Liddell after killing Evans will get a title shot at ufc 92, Dana said it last May/June when the first Evans vs Liddell was to happen. Silva will have to win 1-2 more fights before getting a title shot. Expect him to fight Rampage next.

  5. steve

    shoguns fighting style does not fit UFC near as well s it did in the Pride organization. So dont expect him to ever be as good as he was. He is skilled yes but a lot of his wins by tko or ko was and is illegal in the UFC. He is still a contender though. GSP is who im going with. Nog b/c Mir is a joke. How does Mir get a title shot after getting tko'd twice and then coming off 2 sub wins over guys who have roughly no sub defense yet. in Antoni Hardnk and Lesnar. Its all about Lesnar getting a rematch with Mir. I bet Dana would love to see Mir win just so he could put that together. Plus Nog has been dropped like a total of 4 times in the past 2 fights. Herring ko'd his ass and still couldnt finish him and Sylvia beat the shit out of him to he was submitted. Niehter HW's realy impress me and I think that Barnnet and Arlvoski r 2 and 3 with Fedor being 1. Not including Randy if he ever fights again. The way Wand looked im not sure who wants to fight him. I hope he is back to his ways of being that agressive KO atrist we all love to watch.

  6. I think Mauricio Rua will struggle a bit more this time with Quinton Jackson he is a way better fighter than he used to be but you never know.

    George ST Pierre unaminous Decision over BJ Penn both great fighters but Penn isn't good enough to beat Pierre

  7. Ryan S

    Can't choose between GSP and Penn. It's gonna be interesting. I definately don't think Mir can take Nog. I thought Rampage wasn't going to be fighting for a while. What ever happened with that whole medical help thing? I'm excited to watch the Silva fight. Always been a fan.

  8. cocho


    you should pay close attention to the shogun and rampage fight. if you do you can clearly see thier was something wrong with rampage. Shogun has never been impressive

  9. Doug123

    so dangler wat was that about liddell killing evans? thats wat i thought. all you fucking doubters are probably eating your words after chucks brains started leaking out his ears from that disgusting punch

  10. derek

    anyone think franklin will be on this card…………… and who would you guys wanna see him fight next shogun? jardine? matchida again? or even liddell? maybe he'll be on the bj penn st pierre card though

  11. Kash

    I don't think they will have Franklin fight Liddell. Both of those guys are tight with the UFC so they wouldn't want either to lose. I could see Shogun and Jardine definitely. Machida is on track for a title shot and I think Franklin has some work to do before that.

  12. steve

    The LHW division is so stcked and people in it all want to fight eachother so its virtualy impossible to know who will fight who untill its finally inked but I would like to see Franklin fight Machida or Thaigo Silva. Just to get rid of Franklin from the picture of the LHW contention if he was ever in it.

  13. the 2 LHW fights will be the show stoppers. I am calling RASHAAD in the title fight. In both common opponents RASHAAD has looked better JARDINE KO'd FORREST RASHAAD beat JARDINE. Niether beat TITO But RASHAAD looked better.

    ANY anyone who KO's CHUCK get's my vote

  14. steve

    Yeah forrest barely lost to tito while rashad lost easily 2 rounds to 1 and b/c he got a takedown with 10 seconds left in the 3rd he won the round but until that last 10 seconds he was losing that round also. And the point tito lost for grabbing the fence an the stupid thing about the point being taken away was he was takendown anyways. But im not sure if Rashad really beat Jardine. It qwas close IMO and Forrest wouldnt get himself in trouble like he did in the first jardine fight. Anyways I want Forrest to win and in the wand ramp. 3rd war i just want it to be as great as the first 2.

  15. Jordan Katz

    Evans certainly lost two rounds to Tito and if it wasn't for the fence holding, Ortiz would have been awarded the decision.

    However, the two rounds Tito won, he did just enough to win the round. He didn't overwhelm Evans and hardly did any damage. Yes, he won the rounds, but did not look impressive in doing so.

    The third round Evans beat up on Ortiz. He bloodied him and gave him a nice sized shiner. Evans landed a couple combinations and solid GNP. Basically, Ortiz won more rounds but never looked as dominant as Evans in the t hird.

  16. zalbag

    forrest rashad fight should be very fun, it should be interesting if Rashad has worked on his conditioning. IF anyone remembers the rashad bisping fight you will remember how gassed Rashad was in the late rounds. Forrest also really has only faced tito as far as wrestler dominant fighters are concerned. The fight most likely will be all five rounds because neither fighter has consistently submitted or KO'd people. though it seems like the LHW weight class being as deep as it is will probaly have the belt rotate around a bunch of these fighters for a few years

  17. Krakka

    How come everyone says LHW is "stacked"? Anderson would destroy everyone in the division! I think the Lightweight division is the most stacked w/ guys that don't gas. I agree that the belt will rotate but that's because they all suck equally!

  18. Oswald Gobblecock

    Cause the LHW division IS stacked but I agree that Anderson Silva could defeat any1 there and beat the 205 champ as well.

  19. Like either griffin a tko or evans a decision if he survuves 5 rounds mir vs. nog is a hard choice but i like rampage to finally get the win over silva by tko in the 2nd or 3rd or the decision at the end of the third but i hope they stand up and thump the WHOLE fight 3rd times the charm

  20. Ike


  21. tom

    griffin will kill evens..mir vs Nog i think Nog will win..

    jackso vs silva shit idk jackson lost 2 times to silva but jackson is alot better now and idk if silva still has it

  22. Ike


  23. Cally

    My husband and I are wondering if all ten fights will be broadcast on the 27th pay-per-view or if only some of them will. Does anyone know?



  24. Cally

    Thanks, Eric, for your answer. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wishes PPV would give us the whole shebang. So often the undercard fights are more exciting than the main events.

    I appreciate your reply, thanks.

  25. erik

    i hope that mir beats big nog that way there will be a rematch between him and lesnar to unify the belts however i dont really see that happening…i dont think that rampage is going to win against wanderlei he will gas out towards the end and the axe murderer will get the decision….rashad vs. forrest is a tough one to call because its kinda the same thing as rashad vs chuck….you cant count either one of them out..alot of people had liddell to win that fight and we all seen the outcome of that

  26. Rashad is gonna win no doubt about it. He's faster, stronger, and a top notch wrestler. If anybody thinks Griffin's height is gonna be to much for Evans, think again. You might wanna watch the TUF 2 finale when Rashad fought in HW. His opponent was Brad Imes who was 5-0 in his career, 6'7 260 pounds. He rocked Evans a couple of times in that fight didnt stop him tho. So Evans chin is pretty good. I just honestly dont see what Forrest is better at than Rashad!

  27. icemanrcks

    iwebie besides the ko rashad was loosing the fight to chuck. and if you dont see forrest having anything better than rashad your crazy. do you think rashad is better than rampage. not at all, and ask rampage what forrest has. he did enough to beat him. forrest will stay busy in his face and in the late rounds will sub. a tired and brused legged rashad.

  28. Luke

    I agree that Griffin has the skills to beat Rashad and i think he will. But i disagree that Rashad was losing the fight with Liddell at any point, he was moving the right ways and forcing Chuck to fight a way in which he would be more vunerable to Rashad's skills.

  29. for me i DONT KNOW they are both good competetors and i cant choose. the fight with griffin and rampage man that was exciting.i thought that it was going to be finished in round 3. it was a amzing fight. and, reshad evans he is undefeated.when he beat liddel god DAMN. icoudnt believe it. it was a amazing. I THINK RESHAD EVANS IS GOING WIN THIS FIGHT BECAUSE HE GOT SKILLS.

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