UFC 95: Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson




UFC 95: Sanchez vs. Stevenson


February, 2009


O2 Arena in London, England


February 21, 2009


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Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson
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42 Comments on "UFC 95: Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson"

  1. Oswald Gobblecock

    This would be a draem fight for many. Cote did well against Anderson cause he was surviving and kept coming forward but he didn't do shit to Silva. Silva danced a bit too much.

  2. Oswald Gobblecock

    Doubt it cause they fight at UFC 93 and this a 95. Usually the big names don't fight less then 3 PPVs apart. I've seen some lower card guys fight 2 PPVs in a row though.

  3. dc

    I love Liddell but idk if he should fight silva… Silva is way to quick & well rounded I'd rather see him fight an easyer guy he needs 2 regain some momentum after the Evans lose… Let see liddell vs jardine 2

  4. icemanrcks

    i think this a good match. chuck dose well with guys with a game plan. thats when he is at his best. he will cover up out of respect for silva's stand up and he will move well. i think it will go to second round and thats when it will get nasty. when silva puts pressure. either he will pick chuck apart or chuck will move around and counter witch he is verry good at. i will say andereson will try the ground game. clinch and knees will get shut down.

  5. Jeff Brugh

    silva v liddel is a terrible match, liddell needs to take some time off and work on his game. No more counter punching and bjj is always a neccesity. If he fights silva at 185 it would be good, liddell would be a big 185. I still think it would be a boring fight where yet again chuck gets knocked out.

  6. Zulu

    Bisping wont be fighting because he will be filming TUF 9. I dont think this will be a great card other than the potential Liddell v Silva (which I dont think will happen) as every big name fighter is competing on previous cards. The problem is with Bisping unavailable and Reljic injured who should fight Silva at 185??? Cote did not deserve the chance and was completely out classed in the sense that Silva could of took him at any point hense his dubious injury in the third round giving him another crack at Silva and time to rethink his strategy!

  7. zalbag

    Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle likely on this card.

    I would think that is fairly far away but a possible meeting with Fitch and TBA

    As well one day Roger Huerta has to fight again, it will likely be announced suddenly within 2-4 months before the fight.

  8. Zulu

    Jeff, dude, what fight were you watching??. Cote showed heart yes but did he land one punch ?? no. should he have been there in the first place?? no. Silva was gonna take him in the third, Cote knew that then he got mysteriously injured??

  9. sy

    dont think cotes injury was fake but silva was definatly gonna tear his head off u could see the look in silvas eyes when it got stoped, he was gutted that he didnt get to play around with him then destroy him. and as for the liddell v silva fight ppwwwaarrpp id rather see chuck move up and battle it out with randy again just for one last clash of the ledgands

  10. jeff

    dude zula it was going to go to a deci cote can take a punch and he deserved a shot everyone else in his division alredy lost to anderson cote was the only one left realy and a had a 5 fight win streak and yes a wach the fight i watch all of them and a even met a lot of them the only person that has a chance against silva is ricardo almedia

  11. Zulu

    Jeff, Ricardo Almeida is 3 – 3 in the UFC losing to Cote and Lindland I think? how is he the only person with a chance to beat Silva?? How about Denis Kang, Michael Bisping, Leites, Maia or Okami, or why not Ryo Chonan the only man to beat him who currently fights in the UFC? you Douche!

  12. Chris

    zulu, anderson silva is great but is slowing down so his game isnt as good as it once was. i believe cote was gonna take the fight before it got stopped due to the aggressiveness and he had cage control….. both of those are what the judges look for in a fight.

  13. Zulu

    Chris, that is true but cote would not of lasted another 2.5 rounds, remember it was 5 rounds! he did not land once! Anderson attacked maybe 3 times and cracked him every time! I am not saying Silva is unbeatable just that Cote is Shite! and I dont think he got injured! He saw a rematch and took it. Now everyone is blowing smoke up his arse! for what?? he did fuck all in the fight! you can go on about heart, but that is bullshit, Silva could have took him in the first round. I know that, you know that Patrick fucking Cote knows that!!!!!!

  14. jeff

    you need really good jujitsu to beat anderson silva not a striker and you got to push the past so that would either be maia or ricardo anyone else would get killed chonon sucks he won like one fight in the ufc okami sucks and letis is not even there yet for a title shot and micheal bisping hes good but he hasnt been that impresive he hasnt beat that great of guys

  15. dane drebin

    i hope they dont make wand vs chuck because neither one can afford a loss and the loser would prolly retire. they should throw them both a bone lol. chuck vs coleman next and wand vs houston. even tho houston might ko wand he always has that punchers chance.

  16. steve

    Dane thats exactly what i was tryin to say about kimbo along time ago. Wandy b/c of his style will always be very much in danger of a big punch. He leaves himself SO open when swings. It is exciting but he has lost some of the speed that helped him in the past with his punches. It would be nice to see him reinvent himself like Randy did. That being said I think it would be ood to put Wand vs Chuck. Both coming off KO losses. They both want to get a title shot so they are bothin a must win in their careers. Lets see them go at it.

  17. dane drebin

    i think it would be an awesome fight again i just hate seeing two fighters i love in a loser basically leaves match. i would rather see them fight after they both notch a win under their belts.

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