UFC 97 In Jeopardy Due To Possible Rule Changes



The UFC started selling tickets yesterday for its ever so popular UFC 97 Montreal show on May 18th. The show will likely sell out to UFC Fight Club members before even being offered to the general public.

Tickets went on sale today to fight club members and as of a few hours ago, they had sold 13,000 tickets for $3 million. They don’t even go on sale to the public until Saturday and they may sellout before they even officially go on sale to the public.

But hold on, the commission overseeing the event might trough a wrench in to the UFC’s plans for the event.

Dave Meltzer:

There is a lot of trouble regarding UFC 97 in Montreal scheduled for 4/18….However, due to the riot at a show in Quebec promoted by Stephane Patry where fans threw beer cans and bottles…the Alcohol, Races & Game commission is saying that UFC can come as long as they ban elbow or knee strikes. I spoke with Marc Ratner of UFC who confirmed that this issue is going on and that they are trying to work with the commission to get the unified MMA rules back in place. It’s a major sports story today in Montreal and at least on the air, they are reporting it as this may result in the show being canceled. The director of communications for the commission, M. Rejean Theriault said it would be difficult to accept the rules in time for the 4/18 show, and said that the commission did not properly due do their job in allowing knees and elbows at the show last year.