UFC 97 “Redemption” Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites




UFC 97 “Redemption”


April 18, 2009


Bell Centre in Montreal Quebec, Canada


Pay-Per-View (10pm ET)


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Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites
Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua
Cheick Kongo vs. Antoni Hardonk
Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Brian Stann
Luis Cane vs. Steve Cantwell


Eliot Marshall vs. Vinicius Magalhaes
Denis Kang vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokum
Jason MacDonald vs. Nate Quarry
David Loiseau vs. Ed Herman
David Bielkheden vs. Mark Bocek
Ryo Chonan vs. T.J. Grant
Sam Stout vs. Matt Wiman

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62 Comments on "UFC 97 “Redemption” Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites"

  1. Schmac

    That's a wild card so far, and I bet at least one more big name fight will join them. I may make the trip over there.

    I'm rooting for Mir, I think he beats the big man again.

  2. Tim

    Honestly Mir didnt Beat Lesnar….Lesnar beat himself..Mir caught onto a rookie mistake being the expert that he is..this time around wont be the same except for the G&P.

  3. dane drebin

    hey tim im a lesnar fan aswell and think he will win the rematch but give credit to mir he DID beat lesnar. lesnar didnt beat himself you could say that about a lot of fights. Lesnar could have trained in bjj for a long time before he debuted but he didnt and mir showed him the error of his ways. give credit where credit is do. mir out classed him that night.

    on a side note if this is true thats sick we get to see the crow David Loiseau back in the ufc. I watched his fight with rich lastnight and it was freakin awesome. hopefully he can get his career back on track. ive missed his crazy elbows.

  4. steve

    Really Tim? Mir didnt beat Lesnar. Thats laughable. Yes he did. He made him tap out like a lil girl. The sad part is thats not even a move where its gonna do too much damage to you. It just hurts real bad. The Crow

    is back but he didnt do very good against UFC caliber fighters. Look back at his record and wins and losses. He is not going to do much in the UFC IMO.

  5. dane drebin

    i was agreeing with you steve until u got stupid and said its a mvoe you cant do much damage with. his hip was making brocks knee hyper-extend while he was twisting his ankle. u can get torn ligaments, tendons, brake ur knee, and break ur ankle. if a leg lock is in deep which it was it can do just as much damage as a arm bar if not more.

  6. whodini

    Lesnar tapped faster than New York second …he was tapping before he had it locked in deep .. im sure he will remember that one for awhile …by the look on his face after that ass whooping ..and yes i said ass whooping

  7. dane drebin

    in the ufc books it has mir with a win over lesnar by leg lock. mir could have broke brocks knee if he kept it on he had his hips pushing brocks knee in the other direction. brock tapped before he got seriously injured. what exactly do u think was causing the pain to make him tap magic? he wasnt doin a calf cutter he was hyperextending his knee. if you dont think that mir could have seriously injured brock with that move ur a dumbass. if u dont believe me heres a news article saying brock lost by knee bar

    Monday, February 4, 2008

    Lesnar Knee-Barred: Reflections on UFC 81

    As the hulking figure Brock Lesnar stepped into the Octagon Saturday night to square off with veteran Frank Mir, the energy in the arena was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Lesnar strolled into the Mandalay Bay arena with an aura of invincibility, while crowds greeted him with enthusiastic cheers and jeers. But the room went electric when Lesnar stripped off his shirt and unveiled his massive physique. Lesnar is so large that when he strolled into the Octagon, he made it look small! It seemed like even the crowd was stunned by the enormity of the man as he circled around the ring. His incredible size, intimidating stare, and palpable self-confidence seemed to send shockwaves through the arena. It wasn’t quite a modern day David-vs-Goliath battle, but with the hype and the energy created by the face off between the hulking Lesnar and the smaller Mir (6’3” and 255lbs.) it certainly had a similar feel to it. From all indications, it seemed like the deck was heavily stacked in Lesnar’s favor: the texters had him favored by a long shot to win, and the tale of the tape was certainly in his favor. Fortunately for Mir though, victory is not determined by, odds-makers, texters, press releases and media hype, or even the size and muscularity of a contestant, rather, victory is something that is earned after the opening bell rings.

    As the fight opened up and Lesnar charged out to engage Mir, I must admit I was thoroughly impressed with Lesnar’s speed and agility. He easily flipped Mir over and put him on the ground, and then proceeded to reign down vicious blows on Mir’s head. I thought the fight might even be stopped within the first few seconds because the blows were so fast and furious. With those famed XXX sized hands, it looked like two jack-hammers were pounding away at Mir’s head. Then referee Steve Mazzagatti, temporarily stopped the momentum, calling a halt to the beating in order to deduct a point from Lesnar, who had inadvertently struck the back of Mir’s head. The fight resumed much as it had begun with Lesnar taking Mir to the ground and then hammering away again. But something happened. Maybe Lesnar grew too confident in his ability to ground and pound Mir to victory or Mir summoned some deep inner strength, but suddenly Mir grabbed Lesnar’s ankle and applied a knee bar to Lesnar so fast that if you had blinked for a moment you would have missed it. Suddenly Lesnar’s enormous hands, which had been hammering Mir’s face into the canvas, were now patting Mir on the behind as he tapped out in submission. Incredibly the 90-second whirlwind concluded with Mir as the victor.

  8. David

    You gotta give a lot of credit to Mir that night. He had the heart of a champion. He hung in there and came back with that submission. Not many fighters can take hits like that from a guy like Lesnar and survive to tell the tale. Yeah he had help from the ref the first time but he took the beating the 2nd time and was able to pull out the W.

    This will be a great match since Lesnar has shown more discipline in his recent fights.

  9. Tim

    With all due respect Lesnar at the time was a rookie and if it were not for that stoppage it would be Mir looking for revenge not Lesnar. But Yes Lesnar has shown alot more discipline and clearly the fav in this fight, look for lesnar to avoid the subs by G&P and standing up and getting the fight back to the feet. Mir has no defense for Lesnars offensive skills. None at all and unless he makes a rookie mistake lesnar will be victorious. But as i always say anything can happen i just want both fighters to bring their A game.

  10. Businessman

    Mir's only chance of winning will be to catch him again. But he can do it. In the Lesnar vs Randyt fight, there was not to many opportunities but Randy wasn't looking for them anyway but against Heath, Lesnar left himself open a few times. Lesnar is getting better but I think Mir is gonna catch him.

  11. Most impressive bout of 2009 so far so excited for every bout from start to finish most excited for hughes vs serra serras been gone for to long same with hughes its gonna be interesting but im thinking serras gonna take it as for mir vs lesnar i dont particulary like the heavyweight bouts but this is gonna be a good one im taking mir by submission if not lesnar will take it hes just too overpowering

  12. rory

    silva to win by knockout and liddel to win by knockout. Im excited by the hardonk vs kongo fight, should be awsome..hope hardonk wins

  13. Jay

    For some reason i'm thinking Laethis is going to submit Anderson. You know styles make fights and last time Anderson Admitted to the ufc that when he fought Cote He didnt fight his rythm and was on top of his game. Who knows?? maybe he was having personal problems. You know these fighters go through a lot of Crap you know. The one thing we still dont know is Can Anderson Hang with a Top level BJJ guy like Thalis on the ground??

  14. jake

    dont forget Jay, that silva has BJJ skills that match if not best thales BJJ so I think that this fight will go to silva in the 4th minute of the first round by TKO

  15. Jay

    I Jake I totally understand that Anderson is a Black Belt Under Minotoro. But he has been submittted by takase By triangle and Chonan by Heel hook. Takase prepared well for that triangle kinda reminds me of how Damian Maia took out Chal Sonnen. I think anderson has evolved 10 times since that last fight. GSP and Rashad have also evolved 10 times. So Maybe your right I think Anderson probably could submit lateius as well. GO SILVA!!!!

  16. kom34

    i have eliot marshall winning vinny by a phantom punch to the face. i don't think chuck will lose this fight especially if rua looks like he has lately.

  17. hiya


    The triangle was forever ago in his career and have you seen that heel hook video? that was the most out-of-nowhere move i think i've seen in the history of my watching this sport. He got caught by a perfectly executed, and hard to use move in the scissor kick.


    I don't think silva will lose, It'll probably another ko win under his belt. He's a black belt in bjj as well, and most people will find it hard to submit him. Dan hendersen(spelling?) had trouble just keeping him on the ground. And I would say Dan's at the top of the list when it comes to bad silva matchups.

  18. Jay

    I know those fights were a long time ago Jack. I also think Silva will by ground and pound, because all silva needs in one punch or one knee to put somebody in trouble. Silva has improved his take down defense and is awesome on the ground as well. I see Leites as a awesome ground guy but silva has mnay more tools to win this fight. And if he can keep it on the feet we know that leties will be knocked out pretty quick.

  19. Jay

    Oh one more thing. all the naysayers were doubting silva everytime he fought a superior grappler or even a hard hitter. For example: Rich franklin fight 2 doubting him again, travis lutter doubting him again, nate marquart doubting him again, dan hederson big big DOUBT!! and than some were even doubting silva againts james irvin because he coudnt hang in that weight class. And yes some were even doubting him again cote. So here we are again in the same situation and all the doubters are here again.

  20. Al

    I've learned not to doubt Silva. In pride he was an up and comer perfecting his game. In the UFC he's becoming a legend. A fight's a fight and anyone has a chance to win, but in this fight compared to his other fights, Silva just has so much more tools to use then Leites. I love watching Silva fight because its so smooth and natural to him. I don't think this fight will last long. I want to see Maia and Marquardt go at it for a chance to face Silva.

  21. Jay

    well they hyped up irvin real good because of the way he knocked out houston alexander and saying stuff like irvin is a knock out artist and silva better be careful. even joe roagan was doubtful

  22. roy

    yeah i think it ws more hype than dout,i had some douts in his fights with franklin and henderson but none of the rest and i don't see this as a big challenge for him either.

  23. steve

    With Irvin it was like why risk having him fight a guy who could punch hard and knock people out. Thales Leites doesnt pose a threat like that. He has some subs but he isnt a great bjj guy compared to Anderson and I dubt he has the edge on the ground anyways. Nate Marq. raped on Leites and got robbed of a win by the ref taking 2 points away from Nate and he still only lost by split decision. Point being I dont think Leites earned the title shot and it annoys me that people talk about Fedor opponents but yet the dana white proclaimed #1 fighter in the world is only fighting middle of the division opponents instead of fighting the guys that we want to see him fight. Anderson is at the point in his career where he is doing as good as ever and has most likely peaked right now. So while he is in his prime give him the big names. A top level 205 guy. Dont make me wait anymore. I want to see him challenged damn it. I cant even order a PPV with him being in the main event because I dont think it will last long enough to be worth it lol.

  24. tom

    Yea i think Leties isnt going to do NYTHING TO sILVA on the feet or the ground…

    Drew vs Irvan at 185 will be a badass dtriking fight

  25. dane drebin

    dang steve we must be living in a different universe i totally agree with you man on everything u said. anderson has been fighteing chumps lately and if he is retiring soon like he says he is why isnt he fighting some 205 superstars. thales is a fag and will lose. maia will atleast be a fight where there is a possibiltiy if it hitas the ground that he could sub silva. thales hasnt shown me much and after his fight with marquardt he reall should have been pushed back in the contender line. why the fuck didnt okami get the shot over him?

  26. Jay

    Anderson Still had 4 more fights on his contract with the ufc. I hope he can get some real challengers at 205 like Rampage and Rashad. OOPS he wont move to 205 because his close friend and training partner will rule that division!!

  27. Jay

    one thing we will find out for sure is That is Anderson a really good on the ground and can he really hang with a top level BJJ guy in Leitus. i think most people dont realize that this is not a Jiu jit su match this is mma so Leitus better be ready to take a punch. even if goes to the ground Anderson still can be deadly pretty quick!

  28. Jay

    I dont know man. Chuck's got a beer belly and looks out of shape he is 39. I think Shogun has a better chance. Chucks is not defensive either. I think most guys have figured out chucks style. if the old shogun in pride shows up on saturday it could be lights out for chuck for the third time in 2 years

  29. dane drebin

    wow jay thats insightful stuff right there chuck has a belly he must lose… chuck has never faught a fight where he hasn had a belly its just his genetics

  30. Jay

    ok lets look at it in a different perspective. Chuck lidell only knocked out and beaten grapplers and wrestlers. Randy Couture, tito ortiz, Babalu, Jeremy horn, kevin randleman. What happens when he fights a good stand up guy, he gets knocked out. Chuck is awesome but dont think he is superior or the best of all time.

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