UFC 98 Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida




UFC 98


May 23, 2008


MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada


Pay-Per-View (10pm ET)


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Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida [T]
Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra
Chael Sonnen vs. Dan Miller
Sean Sherk vs. Frankie Edgar
Xavier Foupa-Pokam vs. Drew McFedries


Chris Wilson vs. Brock Larson
Phillipe Nover vs. Kyle Bradley
Houston Alexander vs. Andre Gusmao
Tim Hague vs. Patrick Barry
Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Brandon Wolff
George Roop vs. David Kaplan

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84 Comments on "UFC 98 Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida"

  1. American Psycho

    Hey Jay,

    You may want to watch Anderson's last 2 fights again if you think he entertains more than Machida. He needs to wake up from the boredom and realize that he's in a fight where millions of people are tuning in. Machida is going to embarrass Rashad. Not even a close fight. Enjoy the KO.

  2. Jay

    American Psycho Anderson landed every strike on Cote. Cote was a tough guy. Anderson himself said he beat up cote for 2 rounds and almost broke his leg in the process.

    he outclassed Cote. some people always expect a spectacular finish. but styles make fights. Look at rashad most of his boring ass fights went to decisions.

  3. Jay

    also its perplexing for a striker to fight somebody and try to knock him and all your opponent does is purposely falls to the ground every time you hit him. did you hear the boos from the crowd everytime Leitus went to the ground??

  4. sy

    a few people are talking about the machida v bj fight but that cannot compare to either fighter now if anyone actualy watched the fight they were both fat bastards, if u look at them both now they are in a lot better shape and have alot better conditioning and a lot more skills, and i am well looking forward to evans machida both great fighters alot of people still underestimate evans even after all he has done but my moneys still on machida defo a 5 rounder dont think none will get knocked out and thats evans only chance cos lets face it no1 can beat machida on points

  5. There are a lot of comments saying that Machida is going to beat Rashad, cause he is faster and more elusive than Rashad, well Rashad has won 18 fights and Machida has won 14 fights and most of the wins of Rashad is from a significant fighter the likes of Chuck and Griffin he also won against Michael Bisping, so I think Rashad is a no push over guy compare with Machida,

    Where would my money go? Machida though!

    I just hope they fight to win not they fight not to lose!

    For the rest of the fights,

    Matt (via decision)

    Miller (via submission)

    Sherk (via TKO)

    Irvin (via KO)

    Alexander (via KO) he has to win to prove he belongs in on the top of the heap after the jardine wins he lost a lot.

    Nover (via TKO)

  6. RatAttack68

    Machida by decision, because Evans has a hellava chin and evans just barely beat tito. Yes I know machida will be on his bicycle but he will win.

  7. derek

    machida's fought big names also BJ PENN , FRANKLIN, ORTIZ and he's gonna beat RASHAD by submission i believe……….. just got that feeling he will submit rashad

  8. Jay

    ok guys Only 2 guys knocked out Rich franklin who was considered the best middleweight. Anderson and LYOTO

    that means something that both of them are superior strikers. A professional K1 fighter named Michael Mcdonald couldn't even tag Lyoto on his feet. what makes you think that if a very technical k1 fighter couldnt connect with lyoto;s chin and Rashad is??

    oh by the way Michael Mcdonald also knocked out Cro cop who was considered to be the best on his feet too.

  9. zalbag

    Let's be serious for a half a second five rounds just remember how tired rashad evans was after 3 going against, a certain brit who does not possess half the skill as a certain lyoto just one point

  10. Jay

    I told ya guys Machida will beat the shit out of evans. All you Evans guys please get off his nuts now PLEASE!!

    See my post 71.

  11. PoppyNick

    Where is Natural Selection 69 at now. All the Evans garbage he was talking. How many strikes did Evans land…..two. Machida worked him and I loved every minute of it.

  12. roy

    yeah i don't think rampage has anything on machida,he could land and ko him but i don't see it happening.i do think shogun has the best skills to beat machida but i don't know if he will.

  13. Daniel

    Where are all the Evans fans now? He talked shit and he ate it this weekend. I have never been so glad to see someone go down. Now maybe if he comes back a little more humble I can root for him again.

  14. jack

    did anyone see all the water poured on serra and hughes after round 1 and 2 in their corners before they stepped out and not being wiped off. is that legal all that water mixed with sweat and they complain about greasing. WTF this is no better.

  15. dane drebin

    in wrestling we used to poor water on our heads at practice all the time i dont remember it making a diffrence like grease would.

  16. Jay

    The thing with Machida is that he is great at every aspect of mixed martial arts. I think Rampage will be a stern test for Machida. But he will pull it through for sure. We know that rampage has had bad luck with brazilianis in the past. (shogun, Wanderlai) I dont think rampage's wrestling and aggressiveness is gonna be a threat either. I mean cmon Machida Stuffed tito's takedowns and played with him like a ragdoll and same for rashad he pushed him off like he was nothing. Machida will definately defend the crown for a long time

  17. RatAttack68

    Rampage like to keep it standing to knock his opponents out. Even when he got forrest down he didn't do that much damage and when he fought jardan he only kicked a few times. I believe to beat machida we need a fighter that uses all of his tools in the fight. I know anybody can be knocked out and rampage has the power.

  18. Jay

    Geijitsu is What Lyoto machida calls his style and he trained in Sumo at the age of 12. That style is what Anderson Silva also uses along with his Muay Thai

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