UFC 99 Video: Cain Velasquez “I was disappointed with my stand-up game”

cain velasquez

cain velasquez

Cain Velasquez –

“I was disappointed with my stand-up game. I need to improve upon that aspect. I went after Kongo, which wasn’t part of the game plan. I will go back and work on my footwork and head movement. I am still new in my career and still need to gain some experience.

Overall I am satisfied. I got the win. I just know that I am not where I need to be. I know I can get a lot better and will get a lot better. It was an average performance. I didn’t stick to my game plan so I made the fight a lot harder than it had to be.”

“It was fun to finally get to showcase my wrestling abilities in a fight. Kongo is known for not having good takedown defense so that was part of the game plan. We knew the fight would be won there. Getting those big body slams in was fun. Kongo is big but when you have been training to do that for years, it is actually a lot easier then it looks.

“I was never worried about being knocked out but yeah, the shots he landed stunned me. I was able to snap out of it though and do my job.” [MMAMania]

UFC heavyweight contender Cain Velasquez reacts to his performance at UFC 99 against Cheick Kongo.

Cains wrestling skills might work on strikers like Kongo, but how will it match up to fellow wrestlers like Couture or Lesnar. The AKA fighter will have to fill some exposed holes in his game, before being considered a true threat to the UFC heavyweight belt.