UFC 99 Video: Cain Velasquez Talks Fight Against Heath Herring

UFC heavyweight contender Cain Velasquez talks about his upcoming fight with Heath Herring at UFC 99 in Cologne, Germany.


  1. tom

    April 15, 2009 at 4:45 am

    cain is to small to be figting Heavy weight…Carwin and brock and Gabe will all kill Cain

  2. roy

    April 15, 2009 at 5:37 am

    maybe, he has more technical striking than carwin or brock i dout he has there power though.we will see how he does against heath who is a pretty big hw.

  3. derek

    April 15, 2009 at 9:43 am

    carwin is probably the only UFC HW with the size and power to neutralize brock. cain is too small at 6'1 and 220lbs.

  4. dane drebin

    April 15, 2009 at 11:32 am

    lol cain weighs closer to 240 than 220

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