UFC 99 “Comeback”




UFC 99: Comeback


June 13, 2009


Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany


Pay-Per-View via Tape Delay


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Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva
Mike Swick vs. Ben Saunders
Cain Velasquez vs. Cheick Kongo
Coal Uno vs. Spencer Fisher
Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy
Mirko Cro Cop vs. Mustapha al Turk


Justin Buchholz vs. Terry Etim
Paul Taylor vs. Peter Sobotta
Dale Hartt vs. Denis Siver
Roli Delgado vs. Paul Kelly
Denis Stojnic vs. Stefan Struve
John Hathaway vs. Rick Story

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Marcus Davis vs Dan Hardy In-Depth Preview

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60 Comments on "UFC 99 “Comeback”"

  1. Tim

    Cro Cop said he wanted to end his career in the UFC with a comeback fight so this could be it, but i see this more happening at UFC 100. Randy should fight at UFC 100 but i understand the Germany connection as well so it makes sense here. Randy should fight Cain Velasquez.

  2. aaron

    If this is the card for ufc 99 i am disappointed yet again with the ufc's decision to give us sub par fights for top cost. I expect in a pay per view to see the ufc's best fighting each other. Not the ufc's has beens and almosts getting punch drunk trying to earn a retirement check. I want the best up and comers against the best fighters right now.

  3. David

    I'm basically a fan of all 6 fighters on this card so this is a sweet card for me. I can't wait.

    Hey tom you should go online and gamble at a betting site. I use Betus.com and it's worked out great for me. I am 7 out of 8 in the last 2 UFC cards, the one loss when I bet on Gouveia. I listened in to his interview and i bought his rap. Guess I was wrong, but you can even bet on the undercards, it's pretty intense.

  4. Kash

    I think it's going to be a pretty stacked card. The rumor after UFC 95 is that Dan Hardy wants to step up and fight Marcus Davis. I hope thats true because it will be a stand up clinic coming from both sides.

  5. dane drebin

    Bj just lost and i think Bj will be pissed and kenny is gunna have a very hard time. kenny got dominated by sherk and sherk got dominated by Bj. Kenny is a lot weaker than GSP. i dont see him beating BJ. But he has been on a roll and i could see him giving BJ some troubles with hsi kicks and elbows.

  6. tom

    dan Hardy vs Davis..AKA the UK killer..he beat Both of the only to good fighter in his class from UK like Paul kelly and paul taylor..I think Dan vs Marcis would be freaking sick..

  7. tom

    i think Bj is going to look pass Kenny, also think Kenny is faster then BJ, Kenny is more well round on the feet with kicks and knees and elbows and when it hits the ground i think they were be about Equal..

    Kenny in the 4 or 5 by TKO

  8. zulu

    Hardy is the fucking flagship of uk mma!!! bisping is a prick!!! the usa needs to fucking stand up and take heed!! so does dana ! TUF9 will prove that the uk is a major player in mma! give etim, hardy and kelly big fights!

  9. rory

    Bispings a prick? lol british mma has leaped forward since bisping came a household name, alot of british people who dnt know what mma is stil know who michael bisping is. Future middleweight champion. Your see.

  10. dane drebin

    i think wandy would wreck okami. Wandy's still as dangerous as ever i just think his chin is diminishing like chucks so if a good striker lands he prolly goes out but against ushin i don see him getting rocked at all.

  11. steve

    Okami was messing Franklin up at the end of the fight and if he would have attacked at all in the first or second he would have finished franklin. Okami is good and he could rock wandy. But it would be fun to see. Although Okami is boring to watch at times wany would make the fight exciting.

  12. derek

    franklin will beat wandy for sure…………and if he beats him i think he wins 2 or 3 more fights and gets a title shot

  13. Luk5000

    Is the Cro cop thing really true? I have heard he is back in the ufc but UFC.com does not have him on it and Al Turk is no longer listed as fighting in ufc99 on the website!!

  14. tom

    wow ben is a legit fighter and I am happy to see him start fighting upper party of 170..swick can't walk throw ben..it will be a war in the first round…it will end in the 2 or early 3..

  15. Al 2.0

    I just watched Cro Crop's kick of death video highlight reel on youtube, and I really hope he comes back like the old Cro Crop. When he knocked out Wandy with that vicious high left leg kick, man, thats what I call beautiful violence. I want Davis to shove Hardy's teeth down his throat. I think little Caol Uno is going to suprise us with a few comeback wins. I want Cain to win, because, even though I hate Lesnar, Kongo has no chance in defending Lesnar's takedowns if they face off. Plus I want to see the guy everyone is calling "The next prodigy of the sport" actually come through and show us something. Something more then BJ Penn could. Something about Saunders rubs me the wrong way. I love the way Saunders fights, but I want Quick Swick to to dominate, quickly. For the main event it's so hard to pick. I want Anderson Silva to jump in the cage and both Franklin and Wandy to beat him down, being declared Co-Champions of the Middleweight division, er the 195lbs division. But if that doesn't happen I want Wandy to show his old self and kill, because I don't want him going away. Rich Franklin loses and it's no big deal really, well it will be to him, but I just hate hearing that Wandy is nearing the end. so War Wandy! Pretty excited for Saturday if you couldn't tell.

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