UFC Banning Affliction From Sponsoring Fighters?

randy couture affliction tee

randy couture affliction tee

According to the 5thRound, a rumor is floating around that the UFC is getting “Honoree” and banning fighters from being sponsored and wearing the Affliction clothing brand. Here the clip:

we have been able to confirm it with a couple of people within the MMA community. From what we’re being told, the UFC is no longer allowing the clothing line Affliction to sponsor its fighters. For the past year, Affliction has been a big part of the UFC as they have sponsored many of the fighters who have fought in the UFC including current interim UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and current Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. It seems as though Affliction wore out its welcome with the UFC as soon as the UFC got wind that Affliction was planning to get into the MMA game themselves.

The word is that the UFC was not happy about Affliction starting their own fighting organization. We currently aren’t sure if Affliction is partnering up with anybody or if they are going about it by themselves, but that was what we were able to confirm with our sources. Affliction has been one of the most notable names around the UFC, if you don’t believe me go to a UFC event because you’ll see every other person wearing an Affliction shirt.

An interesting side note, Randy Couture and Affliction partnered up to create Xtreme Couture clothing line. Here is a clip from the press release:

Affliction Clothing, the premier label for men who love hard rock and fast living, has partnered with Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) heavyweight champion and mixed martial arts legend Randy “The Natural” Couture to form a new collection appropriately named XTREME COUTURE. Randy Couture will be an integral part in the creation of the new clothing line of shirts, jeans, belts and accessories and will be at the Project Show to greet fans and conduct interviews along with other UFC fighters.

And for you conspiracy junkies out their, as news of Couture’s Affliction photoshoot and meatup with Fedor in LA hit the MMA websites, the UFC decided it would be a good time to file suit against Randy Couture for breach of contract.