UFC: Brittney Palmer Moves On?


Has Brittney Palmer moved from the UFC. According to UFC President Dana White, Brittney has moved on to follow her dream and is currently enrolled in art school in LA.

“Nothing happened with Brittney Palmer. It’s one of those situations where Brittney has moved on to other things. She’s living in L.A. now, she wants to be an artist, she’s going to art school and she has a great relationship with us. She’s still doing stuff with us but it gets so crazy because this is one of those sports where the fans are into everything and I have no problem talking about anything. How disgusting (Dennis Hallman’s) shorts were, what happened with me and Tito, all this stuff I’m cool talking about. But sometimes people want to do their own things and don’t want to make a big deal about it and when people ask me, listen… her dream is to be an artist and she’s chasing her dream, she’s going out to L.A., she’s in art school out there; there’s no problem with Brittney and Brittney is still friendly with the UFC. It’s all good.” [Heavy]

Its sad when a talented young ring girl moves on and hangs up her UFC tighties. Hopefully that art thing takes off and fans get some fresh new UFC talent ringside.