UFC: Confessions Of A Paranoid Man

dana white idiot

dana white idiot

Here’s some interesting thoughts Ultimate Fighting Championships president Dana White had to say post UFC 76.

“I want to say something and everybody knows how I’ve felt for years about these goofy Internet websites,” [Said UFC President Dana White] “I hate them. They’re biased, crooked and there are a lot of other bad things I can say, but I don’t want to waste my time.

“They’ve been biased against us for years. Their reporting was always biased against us. They talk about fights that don’t make any sense. Let me tell you what: We’re the best in the business. Our matchmaker (Joe Silva) is the best. We put on the best and the biggest fights.”

Our Response

Yes Sir mister Dana White, all knowing MMA God. I will take down the website immediately, pre pay $50 for UFC 77, pay $9.95 for UFC on Demand to watch the undercard fights, cancel Showtime, drink a XYience, chase it with a smooth Mickeys Malt beverage and order a years supply of Condoms from Condom Depot…..Anything else Sir