UFC Educates Athletes on Written Formal Drug Policy

UFC Educates Athletes on Written Formal Drug Policy

UFC Educates Athletes on Written Formal Drug PolicyThe 4th Fighter Summit was held by Strikeforce and UFC in Las Vegas early this week to educate fighters on several issues such as health insurance, response to press, social media, and so forth. One major agenda on the summit was to talk about the written drug policy on banned substances and performance enhancing drugs or PEDs.

Establishing Integrity Through Formal Drug Policy

Chief Counsel of UFC and executive vice president Lawrence Epstein emphasized that the written policy consists part of the old drug policy and other amendments. The changes are in accordance with the similar law firm that made the National Football League on performance enhancing drugs. Epstein even added that it is vital to persistently educate athletes on the possible dangers of banned substances and PEDs. The agreement on UFC and Strikeforce does not become effective without the athlete providing a negative drug test result. In addition, the use of banned substances and PED endangers the reputation of the sport.

Further Improvements with Drug Policy

Using PEDs not only affects the reputation of UFC but also compromises health issues and safety of athletes. Along with the Athletic Commissions and other institutions, UFC promises to keep their procedures in pace with scientific improvements regarding detection and identification of banned substances. Besides Epstein’s remarks, Dr. Jeff Davidson discussed to athletes about the short- and long-term harm of PEDs. In addition, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) was discussed further by Dr. Davidson and Keith Kizer entailed the regulations and policies on the PEDs and TRT. For over a year, UFC has dealt with several issues on fighters and drug testing. Most of their critics say that UFC can do more than the apparent drug testing. Nonetheless, now that there have been amendments on the drug policy, many are expecting that it will improve the athlete standing on this issue.