UFC Fight Night 13 Weigh-In Results

ufn 13 results

ufn 13 results

UFN 13 weigh-ins take place Tuesday, April 1 at the Broomfield Event Center in Broomfield, Colorado. The fighters tip the scales at 6 pm EST and is free to the public.

UFC Fight Night 13 takes place April 2 from the Broomfield Event Center in Broomfield, Colorado. The show airs live on SpikeTV starting at 7pm EST. CageToday will have live results of the undercard starting at 5pm EST.

The Premier of “The Ultimate Fighter” season 7 reality show debuts following the three hour UFN 13 event, starting at 10pm EST.


Joe Lauzon (156) vs. Kenny Florian (155.5)
Karo Parisyan (171) vs. Thiago Alves (171)
Tim Boetsch (206) vs. Matt Hamill (204)
Kurt Pellegrino (155.5) vs. Nate Diaz (156)
Houston Alexander (205) vs. James Irvin (205)


Gray Maynard (155) vs. Frank Edgar (155.5) – Swing Bout
Ryan Roberts (155.5) vs. Marcus Aurelio (154.5)
Josh Neer (156) vs. Din Thomas (155)
Anthony Johnson (169.5) vs. Tommy Speer (170)
Jeff Cox (155) vs. Manny Gamburyan (155.5)
Clay Guida (156) vs. Samy Schiavo (155)
Roman Mitichyan (170.5) vs. George Sotiropoulos (169.5)


  1. tom

    April 1, 2008 at 7:08 am

    damn i want to see neer vs din and i want to see grey vs frank..anthony vs speer will be good

  2. Ryan

    April 1, 2008 at 8:29 am

    Nice fight card in my opinion. I'm pumped for this and the start of TUF 7!

  3. danedrebin

    April 1, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    my predictions

    florian will beat lauzon… i think this will be a great fight but florian has looked great lately. either one could win i wouldnt bet against joe but kenny is a favorite for a reason.

    karo should beat thiago but i hope this doesnt go to a decision and we see a cool throw in the process. being a judo guy myself i want karo to win even if i think he has a bad personality

    i think matt hamill will win but who knows this fight could go either way. matt should still be undefeated and i really was disappointed when bonnar pulled out.

    i see nate diaz beating pelligrino after getting his ass beat for most of the round. diaz has a way of taking abuse and pulling off a sub when u think he is about to be out of the fight. plus seeing pelligrino lose to joe daddy i dont see him beating champ anytime soon but if diaz bulked up and keeps improving i could see him going a long way and want to see him face a top 5 opponent. but then again i wouldnt mind seeing diaz get manhandled and lose if he realizes that he needs to hit the weights afterwards so we can see his true potential.

    as much as i like the guy i dont see irvin making it through the first round with houston unless he shouts on him. seriously alexander is gunna be comming looking to make a statement and that means trouble for anyone who likes to stand and bang.

    im really excited for the gray maynard vs frankie edgar match. what dos swing match mean tho? i think they matchup great and cant really chose a winner but ill go with frankie because he is unbeaten like gray but has faught the best in the world.

    marcus should win by submission

    i think din thomas will beat josh neer in a war

    i want to say tommy speer will win but after seeing his ufc debut i was really disappointed. i think he chokes under the pressure of the bright lights and i think he has great potential but doesnt train properly. on the show he said he was training at his far for the finale and was still working. if he wants to be successful he has to focus full time and get in a good camp and i dont know if he's done that does anyone have any info on this??? i'll still say tommy wins tho haha.

    im lookin for manny gamburyan to dish out a savage beating and win in the first. he is one of my favorite fighters.

    i predict clay guida will win and i think this is the easiest match the ufc ha given to clay in a long time. after the stiff competition clays been facing i feel bad for sammy.

    as much as i like roman george was the person i picked to win the whole show and i cant bet agaisnt george.

  4. roy

    April 2, 2008 at 7:30 am

    i think you just about nailed it dane, heres my picks

    florian(close fight)

    karo(another tough one to call)

    boetsch(if he fights like his last fight should win)

    diaz(another close one)

    maynard(may easily be wrong)


    thomas(very well rounded)





    almost all of them are hard to call and thats a good thing!

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