UFC Fight Night 16 Injury Report


Ouch…Corry Hill suffered a broken leg (tibia) during his fight with Dale Hartt. Hill was rushed to the hospital to immediately undergo emergency surgery.

Fighter Razak Al-Hassan refused to tap when caught in an armbar, forcing Steve Mazzagatti to call a technical submission. Sportline:

While Al-Hassan was walking past media row on his way to the backstage area, a large mass could be seen near his elbow on his right arm. The mass appeared to be the size of a softball. An immediate diagnosis was not available, but it’s possible that Al-Hassan had suffered a broken arm and that the mass was possibly tendon that had dislodged from bone and rolled up into his arm.

Jonathan Goulet:

It was also a very rough night for Goulet, who was TKO’d during the night’s co-main event against Mike Swick just 33 seconds into the fight. According to the French Canadian’s agent, Ken Pavia, a visibly shaken Goulet was taken to the hospital immediately after the contest in order to undergo a brain scan.

Additionally, Pavia indicated that Goulet possibly suffered an MCL tear during the fight and that doctors will not be able to formally diagnose the injury until swelling in the damaged region begins to subside next week.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida was taken to the hospital following his KO loss to Josh Koscheck. He was later released.

TG “Roy”