UFC Fight Night 17: Hermes Franca Out Against Lauzon With Injury

hermes franca

hermes franca

The main event fight between Hermes Franca and Joe Lauzon at UFC Fight Night 17 “Lauzon vs Franca” is now off, due to a torn ACL Franca suffered in training.

With the fight just over a week away on Feb. 7, the UFC has some work to do finding a suitable main event replacement.

Hermes Franca via the Underground:

To all my Fans, unfortunately I am not gonna be able to fight UFC 17 in Tampa Florida, I just tore my ACL on my right knee last Saturday….I think you guys deserve to hear that from me. I just want to take care of that, and Joe Lauzon you’re lucky mother fucker lololol (J/K). Thank you UFC, my fans, friends for the support, I was training hard and I was so excited, but there’s nothing I can do, (could be worse), so Hermes Franca will take a break for some recovery and come back stronger than ever like I always do!!!!

The UFC has called out Jeremy Stephens to replace Hermes Franca and take on Joe Lauzon at UFC Fight Night 17.

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